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Here at Riding Gravel we get hit with a LOT of press releases and we don’t normally publish any of them since, well………there are other sites for that sort of thing. However; from time to time we see something we are interested in and that we feel may be of great interest to our readers. Tires are one thing that we see has been of great interest to you gravel riders out there. So, with that said, here is some news from a new brand named Terrene Tires.

A new brand that will have a gravel oriented model soon.

Terrene Tires is a new company that is being run by Joe Yang and Tim Krueger. Some of you may have heard of Tim, as he is the man behind Advocate Cycles and was once with Salsa Cycles. These two men are taking a stab at bringing tires to market and are trying to do it in a more efficient, timely manner. Not only that, but they aim to make selecting a tire easier for the rider.

“We are taking a different approach to marketing than the majority of bicycle tire companies, Rather than talk in a lot of technical jargon and acronyms that may overwhelm riders, we take care of the technical aspects to build a high-quality tire and make each model available in ‘Light’ and ‘Tough’ constructions.” “Light tires are a high-end casing that is a good blend of lightweight and proper tire construction—not a paper thin racing tire. Tough tires pull from Joe’s experience with tire casings, and based on the intended use of the tire, we have created a casing that has anti-snakebike, puncture resistance and reinforced sidewalls.”

Tim Krueger

Terrene Tires will officially launch at Interbike this fall with three models dubbed “Wazia”, “Chunk”, and the “Elwood”. The one bearing the attributes of a gravel road going tire will be the Elwood. The Chunk, as its name might suggest, is a trail tire for mountain biking. The Wazia will be a studded fat bike tire. All three tires will be fitted to certain bikes at the interbike outdoor Demo and Terrene Tires will also be at Outerbike this fall.

When we find out more on the Elwood we will certainly pass it along. Until then, you can vist the Terrene Tires site at or like their Facebook page HERE and follow them for updates.

Note: Images and information used in this post were provided by Terrene Tires.

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