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This is NOT normal Colorado riding.  If you are thinking that it’s climbing and descending mountains, you’d be way off.  It’s more of eastern Colorado plains meets great views of mountain peaks.  It is very rural.

Start and Finish

Date: Saturday, April 4, 2015

Time:       6:30am – Ride start

    6:30pm – ? Post-ride “ceremony” and gathering (To be determined)

Start/Finish: Pikes Peak Brewing – 1756 Lake Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO 80132 . ***Please note that this is a new start/finish location for 2014***


Course Details:

Distance: 168 miles

Elevation Gain: 8,700 Feet

Estimated Time: 9-14 hours


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There are NO course markings. You should be prepared and know the course.

“B Road”

The course is a lot of pretty well packed gravel.  Obviously, conditions will dictate the firmness of the gravel.  It’ll be a thin mountain bike tire or fat cross tire that will do the trick.  If you are a monstercross type guy or girl, you’ll be fine.  There is one stretch that is about 4-5 miles that I’ve termed a “B” road (see picture below).  It’s basically a ranch access road that is more of a dirt doubletrack than road.  It can be muddy and will eliminate any ability for roadies to run a regular cross tire.

This map below is NOT complete. The 2014 start and finish is at Pike Peak Brewing. See Full Map link above.


Things to consider:

There are very little food/water refill points.  The first is in Elbert, which is VERY small, and only about 20 miles in.  Probably doubtful that it’s open at 7:30am on a Saturday.  The other is at the halfway point in the town of Deer Trail.  There are two, well-stocked gas stations.   There are some houses along the route you could probably ask too.  Bring a lot of food and water.

You will probably not have much cell phone coverage, so prepare accordingly.
Bring lights (front and rear) if you expect to be close to dark.  You can also use both lights as distress signals when the vultures start circling and the search and rescue comes looking.
There are no fees, no prizes, but all attempts will be made to record your finish time in comparison to others (please cooperate here!). In addition your mileage will need to be kept and reported by you as a way to make sure you followed the route as much as reasonably possible. The goal is to finish this challenge and you set your own pace. A start time and route is provided here and it is up to the participant to understand the route and also have full responsibility for their navigation and well being. This is not a group ride, although some people might do this ride with friends or even other riders they meet at the start or along the route.
Please don’t be a dick!


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  1. I can not download the map to my garmin gps unit…even after downloading connect et al…any secrets to make it happen?

    1. Not looking like it. Someone else was going to be there to lead people off, but not sure that’s happening. Will know exactly by Monday. Saturday, April 4th if so.

        1. Steve, it’s a show up and ride situation:
          It’s a recommended route. The best explanation that I can tell you is that I’ve moved away from the Littleton area and, in addition to this site, have too much other things going on to have an organized event for zero money.
          I really want to see it be out there and continue, but I can not put it out there as an event that is backed by me or Riding Gravel as we cannot assume any liability in it. It is now shown on the calendar and will be an on your own type of event. Rob Ballou, a AntiEpic veteran, will be out there in the morning to kick things off. To answer the map issue – the old host site, is gone. You can still download files from the Strava link and the garmin link and there are turn by turn cues to use.
          I hope this explains it and it helps out.

  2. Steve, come out and ride! I’ll be there along with my wife and a couple friends. Whether there is someone to “start” us or not, the DIY nature of the ride renders it a moot point.

  3. Guess I will ride up from Colorado springs and when I get to monument head east and ride till I get thirsty for beer. Then head to Pikes Brewing for beer…..

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