Stolen Goat Apparel: Getting Rolling

Stolen Goat Apparel: Getting Rolling – by Guitar Ted

Recently we were contacted by an apparel company going by the name of Stolen Goat. Me being the curious type, I had to investigate this further. What I found out was that Stolen Goat was about helping people find happier and healthier lifestyles via sporting activities. Specifically cycling. They mentioned to us that they had introduced a range of clothing suitable for the gravel riding segment. We asked to have those items sent over and in this post we will introduce the range to you. After some test riding I will then post a final review on the products. Here we go then…..

Guitar Ted modeling Stolen Goat apparel in a ditch in Iowa.
Modeling may not be one of Guitar Ted’s best talents. We have to get him out of the ditch, for starters…

What It Is: I think that overall, one of the descriptions for Stolen Goat’s gravel Jersey really fits this entire range when they say, “Speed is secondary to enjoyment“. This typifies the range in that the pieces I am about to detail here are not about racing, laden with ‘features’, or made with any other purpose than to have fun and enjoyment while being worn for cycling. Not that you couldn’t race, or do ‘serious’ adventures in this stuff, it just isn’t what the main intent is here. With that said, let’s look at the Gravel Jersey.

Stolen Goat Gravel Jersey
The Stolen Goat Gravel Jersey

Gravel Jersey: These are more ‘shirts’ than the typical cycling jerseys we are used to. There are no pockets. The material is a blend of Shetland Island sourced Merino wool, polyester, and elastane for some amount of stretch. The fit is loose, but in my case, not ‘flappy loose’. Machine washable on cold, but don’t put these in the dryer! The Gravel Jersey comes in five different colors/prints.

Impressions: I liked the addition of the reflective tabs and the dropped tail. The feel is soft, and I am able to move around in the Gravel Jersey without constriction. Basically, it feels like a nice t-shirt, only better, if that makes any sense. It probably seems more “t-shirt” than jersey since this has no zipper, like a traditional cycling jersey might have. You pull this one on over your head. MSRP is $75.00 and they have several colors and patterns to chose from. The one pictured here is called “Red Merino”, which is more of a ‘berry’ color, but maybe that’s just me.

Stolen Goat Gravel Shorts
The Stolen Goat Gravel Short

Gravel Shorts: This was the most interesting bit of kit Stolen Goat sent over in my opinion. The Gravel Short is a baggie, but it is a different take on the baggie than I’ve ever seen. made from a ‘cationic fabric’, it has stretch but it also has a soft hand feel. Here are the features as listed on Stolen Goat’s site.

  • 4-way stretch Cationic Fabric for a short that moves with your legs perfectly
  • 2 zipped pockets on the front, 4 additional unzipped pockets (2 front, 2 back)
  • 2 independent Velcro adjusters at the waist for the perfect fit
  • 2 deep-grey reflective strips on the front pockets for additional visibility after dark
  • Zip + Double Popper closure at the front
  • No pad – these can be worn on their own with regular underwear on with a bib short or liner underneath if you prefer long-ride padding with a more casual look
A gnome in the back pocket of the Stolen Goat Gravel Short
The Stolen Goat Gravel Short has plenty of pockets to stash your…uh- stuff.

Impressions: Stolen Goat is based out of the UK, and these shorts have a certain style and classy look that reminds me of British style. But the real attractive bit to my mind is how well finished the inside of the short is. Here you find no rough, semi-finished seam work or rough fabric. The inside is soft and comfortable, smooth and not bunched up around the pockets. These are nice baggies, and Stolen Goat’s suggestion that these might become an everyday piece for you to wear is no joke. The fit again is slimmer, not real loose, but not constrictive. Goldilocks? “Just right“? For me- yes. MSRP is $75.00.

Orkaan Water Resistant Leisure Hoodie: This is a slim fitting hoodie which could be a casual, after ride piece or used for recreational/commuter duties. Stolen Goat suggests that it is suitable for ‘casual gravel grinding‘. Okay…. fair enough. Anyway, it is made from Tempest Fabric which is wind and water resistant. It also features a soft, ‘roubaix brushed lining‘ which feels great. Top it off with a full length YKK zipper, UV protected fabric, weather resistant features woven into the fabric, and two zippered stash pockets and you have one interesting bit of outerwear.

The Stolen Goat Orkaan Water Resistant Leisure Hoodie
The Orkaan Water Resistant Leisure Hoodie

Impressions: I love this hoodie’s feel. Not too loose, and that roubaix lining is very nice over a t-shirt and on the bare arms. It feels warm, and with the recent dive into Fall temperatures here, I expect to be using the Orkaan Water Resistant Leisure Hoodie as a commuter piece. MSRP is $116.00

Accessories: We also were sent three items from Stolen Goat’s accessories category. A water bottle, a pair of socks, and a cycling cap. All are nice, quality bits of kit. The water bottle retails for $11.00, the Coolmax socks for $11.00, and the cycling cap for $18.00. Check out these and more offerings on Stolen Goat’s Accessories page here.

So Far… The Stolen Goat apparel line is impressive. While Stolen Goat does offer more race oriented apparel, this “Gravel” range of apparel has an appeal which lends itself to more adventurous, casual riding and commuting. The apparel also looks like it can go beyond cycling and be worn as casual fare while out and about, leading one to believe this line of apparel might be a bit more versatile than typical cycling apparel.

The Stolen Goat accessories we were sent: A pair of socks, a water bottle, and a cycling cap.
Stolen Goat accessories examples which we were sent to try.

Stay tuned as I get these pieces out and in use. I will try them out in a few different ways and report back with my final verdicts on each in an “At The Finish” post in about a month or so. In the meantime you can check out these pieces and more at Stolen Goat’s website:

Note: Stolen Goat sent over several pieces of apparel and accessory items to Riding Gravel for test and review at no charge to Riding Gravel. We were not bribed nor paid for this review and we always strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.


Author: Guitar Ted

Guitar Ted hails from Iowa. Home of over 70,000 miles of gravel and back roads. An inaugural member of the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame and Co-creator of Trans Iowa in late 2004- Guitar Ted has been at the forefront of the growth of gravel events and riding since then. Creator of Gravel Grinder News in 2008, he produced the premier calendar of gravel and back road events. GT joined forces with Riding Gravel in late 2014.

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4 thoughts on “Stolen Goat Apparel: Getting Rolling

  1. The key thing that interested me about Stolen Goat’s gear is the woven-in DWR for their Orkaan pieces. It is supposed to make them virtually waterproof but won’t wear out like conventional DWR. Looking pretty dry there in the photos, but any feedback on performance in the rain would be valuable.

    1. @PStu – Ironically, our weather has gone full tilt Fall since the images were taken. Rainy today and I had the Orkaan Hoodie on. This was a medium mist to light rain affair. I had already been in and out in this mist/rain several times going from the car to the store and back again. Additionally my wife accidentally broke a glass bottle in the parking area at home, so I had to go clean it up. Estimate about a ten minute job, bent over sweeping in the light rain.

      The Orkaan fabric beaded up the rain and did not soak out. Pretty impressive. I imagine a full-on Iowa style downpour would penetrate this fabric, no problem, but then again, anything less than a sea worthy rain suit gets soaked out in our rains. Like in minutes.

      I’ll hopefully have more to say in my wrap-up. Stay tuned.

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