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Gravel Grinder News: American Classic Tires Updated

News breaks today of updates to that range of tires. The company has a new puncture protection system and has lowered weights across the range as well as engineering in a lower rolling resistance for their tires across the range.

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Redshift Sports ShockStop Pro Seat Post: Checkpoint

So, right up front I have to address the weather. Yes- the weather. We Mid-Westerners always seem to start out conversations with chatter about the recent weather, but in this case, it really has some bearing on how the ShockStop Pro Seat Post worked for me.

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Gravel Grinder News: New PCL Event & Spinergy Stands With Ukraine

Today in Gravel Grinder News we have a new commemorative PCL event from Nebraska and news from Spinergy Wheels. Let’s jump in.

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Polar Breakaway Bottles: Quick Review

While bottles for your bicycle are not one of those things you might think about as being important – They are ‘just water bottles’, after all- These utilitarian devices for cyclists are a detail that could be a key part of a successful run at your next event.

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Gravel Grinder News: STORMCHASER GRX 810 1X SUS Debuts

Want a geared Stormchaser? Well, your wait is now over as Salsa Cycles announced today that they have a new STORMCHASER GRX 810 1X SUS model.

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Gravel Grinder News: Craft Cadence, Showers Pass, Polar Bottle & More

In today’s Gravel Grinder News we’ve got upcoming reviews to talk about on products from Showers Pass, Craft Cadence, and Polar Bottle.

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Scoutset Bag Brace: Quick Review

The Scoutset Bag Brace is a unique, titanium device which stabilizes and carries bags (or maybe even other light loads) well with a simple clamp which takes the place of a steer tube spacer on a threadless steer tube set up. It makes a bicycle with no front rack mount capabilities into a front load carrying bike, or it could be that perfect stabilization device for the bike packer using a large handle bar roll.

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Astral O.N.S. Seatpost : Quick Review

Okay, so having an emergency kit- is this an idea for you? That’s the number one question to answer here, in my opinion. I think that answer is “Yes” for some riders, but with some qualifications.

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Featured Event: The Theoi

Much like the sacred battles on Olympus, The Theoi is designed to challenge participants both physically and mentally. There are three parts to this event: an intermediate-distance triathlon, a near-vertical gravel time trial (bike) up the mountain, and a demanding off-road/gravel bike race.

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WTB Sealant: At The Finish

So, once again I see a sealant product with great initial set up traits, longevity in terms of use, but with a question mark in terms of its tire sealing capabilities.

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