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Long Live Aluminum Rims: A Carbon Counterpoint

But before we get too far into the weeds on aluminum’s value propositions for the gravel rider, let’s step back a minute and examine what the heck is really going on here.

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A Box Full Of Topeak: At The Finish

After a couple of months of living with this stuff, I have my final verdict on each product ready to go now.

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Shimano RX801 and RX8R Shoes: Getting Rolling

While it may seem, on the surface of it, that the RX801 and RX8R are just “RX8’s” with different colors and one has a cuff”, that would be far too simplistic a take here.

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Sigma ROX 4.0 GPS Cycling Computer: Getting Rolling

The functions I’ve accessed have all worked well so far, but the real value here will be if this device can provide turn-by-turn navigation reliably.

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Bontrager Circuit Winter Wear: Getting Rolling

Cooler weather seems like it’s quite a long ways off, but maybe not. It’s getting a bit chilly at night already and the days are getting shorter, so the tipping point is likely just around the corner. Or the next corner. But soon, anyway.

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The UCI Gravel World Championships: A Paper Tiger

At one time many of us in the gravel cycling community felt that the UCI would “ruin” gravel cycling. I don’t think that is the case. The UCI has just made gravel cycling a joke, and it isn’t very funny at all.

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OMM Elkhorn Rack: At The Finish

OMM Elkhorn Rack: At The Finish – by Guitar Ted Summer is gone and so is my time with the Old Man Mountain (OMM) Elkhorn…

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Shimano GRX Carbon Wheels: Checkpoint

The GRX Carbon wheel set is a definite contender in its price-point for carbon wheel sets meant for all-road riding.

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WTB Vulpine 700 X 40mm Tires: Getting Rolling

We really liked the speed, ride feel, and grip that this ‘on the skinny side’ gravel tire had. Not surprisingly, we hoped that WTB would opt to offer a wider version of this great tire.

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Gravel Grinder News: WTB & Pirelli Tires, Wolf Tooth, Mosaic Cycles

Gravel Grinder News comes at you today loaded with news from tires to tools and bikes.

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