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Sea Otter 2023 Photo Dump

I’m at Sea Otter again this year and have a camera in hand. Here are some of the things I found interesting enough to point at and push the shutter button.

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WTB Gravelier Saddle: Quick Review

Of course, all saddle reviews are subjective, but for me the Gravelier ranks right up there with my current favorite gravel saddles….

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Ergon BT OrthoCell Handlebar Pads: Quick Review

In the end, I feel that amongst the options available in handle bar padding, the Ergon BT Orthocell pads are a better solution due to not only being a vibration reduction choice, but in that the pads reduce pressure points.

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Pirelli Cinturato M Tires: Checkpoint

The Cinturato M’s have what Pirelli claims is a “gravel specific” compound for the rubber. Whatever “SpeedGrip” is, it works.

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Enduro “Max Hit” Bottom Bracket: Getting Rolling

Well, good looks and a lot of promises mean nothing unless one can expect a lot of miles of trouble-free use and an experience with that component that enhances the overall cycling experience. Will Max Hit bearings do this for me and my Singular Cycles Gryphon Mk3?

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The Guitar Ted Podcast: Babel About Gravel Tires – Part 2

The next in a series of three episodes concerning gravel tires. Guitar Ted and N.Y. Roll discuss what they like about tires in the 43mm – 50mm sizes and add in some tips for getting the best out of your tire set up.

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Easton EC90 ALX Carbon Drop Bar: Checkpoint

On the road and on the gravel, the EC90 ALX displays a touch of compliance, but I wouldn’t say it is anything that will make you comfortable or make the handling of your bike any better.

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Redshift Sports Arclight PRO Pedals: Getting Rolling

The versatility of these pedals and the safety feature is what sets these apart for the gravel/back road/bikepacker cyclists out there.

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Shimano S-Phyre Ridescape GR Sunglasses: Getting Rolling

Now how about those ‘magnetic lenses’? Well, they do pop off the frames with a bit of effort, and reattach with a reassuring pop.

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Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M Tires: Getting Rolling

These are good looking tires with big, diagonally placed knobs and a center row which forms a solid ridge, more or less.

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