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Giant Charge Elite Shoes: Quick Review

Giant Charge Elite Shoes: Quick Review – by Grannygear What It Is: At Sea Otter 2019 I was shown the Giant Shoe system for MTB,…

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Resurrecting the Dead: Bringing New Life To Old 29″er Wheels

Lately it got me thinking that there are quite likely a metric ton of old 29″er wheels out there that have great possibilities for modern gravel bike use.

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A Look At Gearing For Gravel – Part “2X” (part duex)

I applaud the coming of ‘adventure’ geared cranks and kudos to Shimano for finally jumping in. I think that the 46/30 is a nice thing to have for a large segment of the gravel population, bike packers, etc. Unfortunately, if it is not perfect for your needs, it’s not like you get a chance to choose a different crank set-up when you buy your bike, forcing you to make what could be a costly swap to get what you want.

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A Look At Gearing For Gravel – Part “2X”

But frankly neither one are what I want. What would I want? How about a 46/36 or 46/34 with an 11-40 rear cassette? Not with the components I have though, unless I could make it work with something like Wolftooth’s Road Link, but with 2x, I still have to deal with the capacity of the rear derailleur to handle chain slack.

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Saddle Up! Riding Gravel’s Saddle Round-Up: Part 4

Well we are finally wrapping up the saddle reviews with the final three contenders. One is a real surprise and my pick of the bunch.

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Spring Clothing Round-Up: Castelli

It was a sweaty, moist day in the saddle and the breath-ability of the shorts worked in my favor, never feeling swampy. Around the 80 mile mark I typically get achy and start to shift around in the saddle to find a position that does not offend the nethers. But it occurred to me that I was not doing that. At all. I was just sitting and pedaling, still happy after 5 hours in the saddle. Excellent.

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Hutchinson Overide Tires: Getting Rolling

There were times when I got on top of a gear on the pavement and completely forgot that I was on a gravel tire. Now the WTB Resolutes are good rolling for what they are. The IRCs are a step up from them. The Hutchinson Overides are another level completely. I bet the 35s really fly.

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Spring Clothing Round-Up: Assos

Spring Clothing Round-Up: Assos – by Grannygear Assos is one of those brands I would see reviewed and discussed on the internet and done so…

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Saddle Up! Riding Gravel’s Saddle Round Up- Part Three

I have heard from several industry wags that a 143mm saddle fits 90% of the male riders out there. On the 143mm I was more aware of sit bone pressure as that was the primary area of contact. It was not bad, just different. Interesting in a way, as sometimes you have to try a saddle rather than go by the numbers. Width does not always play out the same between models.

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Easton EA 90 SL Wheels: At The Finish

My initial impressions were of a laterally stiff wheel with high spoke tension and so the forward drive under prodding was exceptional. They really scoot. I also felt that they were a firm riding wheel and I think that is accurate, but they are not harsh.

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