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Chrome Cycling Gloves: Quick Review

Chrome Cycling Gloves: Quick Review- by Grannygear I have said before that it seems a good glove might be the hardest thing to make in…

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Kali Alchemy Helmet: Quick Review

 Kali Alchemy Helmet: Quick Review – by Grannygear I have to admit to a bit of snobbery when it comes to bike gear.  Part of…

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Castelli Winter Clothing: Winter Wear Review

Editor’s Note: Winter is upon us but that doesn’t mean we have to stop cycling. Our Riding Gravel contributors, Grannygear and MG will be giving…

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Northwave Extreme XCM 2 GTX Shoes: Getting Rolling

Northwave Extreme XCM 2 GTX Shoes: Getting Rolling – by Guitar Ted Several years ago a “winter oriented company” based in Minneapolis, Minnesota sent out…

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Riding Gravel Gift Guide 2018

Riding Gravel Gift Guide 2018: This is the season for gift giving, and we at Riding Gravel have had some nice items come through here…

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Showers Pass Hi-Line SS Shirt and Cross Country Shorts: Quick Review

Showers Pass Hi-Line SS Shirt and Cross Country Shorts: Quick Review- by Guitar Ted The gear we use as cyclists often leaves others with no…

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Danny Shane
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Danny Shane Cycling Clothing: Quick Review

 Danny Shane Cycling Clothing: Quick Review- by Grannygear “Danny who?” That was my response to a request for us to review some cycling clothing by…

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Chrome Union Short/ Merino SS Henley: Quick Review

Chrome Union Shorts and Short Sleeve Merino Henley- by Grannygear Editor’s note: We don’t always ride, and sometimes when we do, it is purely for…

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Bolle’ B-Rock Sunglasses: Quick Review

 Bolle’ B-Rock Sunglasses: Quick Review- by Grannygear and Guitar Ted This review is a tag-team affair! Both Grannygear and Guitar Ted were able to check…

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Bolle’ “The ONE Premium” Helmet: Quick Review

Bolle’ “The ONE Premium” Helmet: Quick Review- by Guitar Ted & Grannygear Helmets are required equipment that riders must wear for almost any bicycling event…

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