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Osmo Nutrition: Quick Review

Hydration isn’t an option on gravel rides – it’s a necessity, particularly in the warmer months. Osmo Nutrition is a relative newcomer to the game, but their hydration formulas are designed to help you ride harder, longer.

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Topeak Torque Wrenches: Quick Review

I never even thought about using a torque wrench for working on bikes until carbon happened. Then we had to worry about over-doing things and crushing expensive components. Now to be fair, using a torque wrench is good even when you are not working with carbon bits….

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Giant Charge Elite Shoes: Quick Review

Giant Charge Elite Shoes: Quick Review – by Grannygear What It Is: At Sea Otter 2019 I was shown the Giant Shoe system for MTB,…

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Silca Maratona Minimo Gear Bag: Quick Review

It is true- one could get any old bag and organize their stuff. I mean, one could just “get by”. That said, the Silca Maratona Minimo is attractive, seems durable, holds its shape, and does all that while also organizing your gear very well. So, essentially there are no compromises with the Minimo, unless you need more space.

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Hiwassee Socks: Quick Review

I am willing to bet that many of us rarely think too much about our socks. If you are one of these folks, you don’t know what you are missing. A great pair of socks can make your ride so much better.

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Easton EA70 AX Handle Bars: Quick Review

Easton EA70 AX Handle Bars: Quick Review – by Guitar Ted Easton Cycling has made a few items specifically aimed at gravel/all-road cycling. We’ve tested…

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USWE Airborne 3L Hydration System: Quick Review

In the end I liked the USWE Airborne 3 very much and was happy every time I used it. As long as you can live with the limitations in storage and if the close, movement free strap system rings true with you, then I expect you would be happy with it too.

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Hirobel Frame Clamp: Quick Review

The Hirobel Clamp is a device developed to allow you to mount a bicycle to a repair stand without directly clamping to the bicycle with a repair stand clamp. This is beneficial when you have a bicycle with a suspension seat post, a dropper post, or a seat mast/aero seat tube design. The Hirobel Clamp is sort of like a bicycle rack for a car, with a cradle type design, and the bar of the Hirobel Clamp then is held by the repair stand.

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Endura MT 500 Long Sleeve Jersey: Quick Review

My experience with Endura technical clothing has been mostly from the MTR line of gear which is a bit race focused or at least fast performance, if you will. The windproof front jerseys and snug shells have been well used and enjoyed over time, holding a permanent place in my closet.

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Floyd’s, Silca Ypsilon, Milkit: Three Quick Reviews

Floyd’s, Silca Ypsilon, Milkit: Three Quick Reviews – by Grannygear Editor’s Note; From time to time we have done the “Quick Review” , detailing a…

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