Gravel Grinder News: WTB Introduces Byway 700c Tires

Gravel Grinder News: WTB Introduces Byway 700c Tires – by Guitar Ted

New Exposure 36mm, Expanse 32, and black side wall options for Road Plus tires also debuted.

WTB Byway 700c X 40mm tire
WTB had several requests to make a Byway in 700c. They have responded with three widths.

WTB today released the news that their popular Byway model is now available in several 700c sizes with their TCS tubeless ready casings. These offerings will also be available in both black side wall and the traditional “Road Plus” skin wall colored side wall. All are TCS tubeless compatible with WTB’s “Dual DNA” rubber compound.

A blackwall version of a Byway
All Byway tires are now offered in black wall versions.

Sizes include 700 X 45, 700 X 40, and 700 X 34mm. This is the second Road Plus 650B tread pattern to be released in 700c sizes. Earlier this Summer WTB announced 700c versions of its Venture Road Plus tires. These tires can now be had in 700 X 40mm and 700 X 50mm sizes. Both these sizes are also available in black side wall or tan side wall versions.

WTB claims the Byway, introduced in 2017 as a Road Plus 650B X 47mm tire, is its most popular tread pattern for gravel. It features the tried and true “slick center/knobby edges” tread design which many gravel riders look for. The spread of offerings in this Byway model reflect that WTB believes the Byway will continue to be one of their better selling adventure tread patterns.

Along with the news on the Byway WTB announced that there will be a new width on offer for the smooth tread Exposure “Adventure Road” tire. Offered in a 30mm width currently that model now will come in a high volume 36mm width as well which should appeal to those who ride on gravel or dirt which is not as course and rough as you might find in some areas of the country. Of course, broken up pavement and rough tarmac will be the primary focus for application for this model. This tire will be offered in WTB’s “Road TCS” tubeless casing and will be available in black side wall or skin wall versions.

Expanse 32mm tires
The Exposure 32mm is now the Expanse 32m

Finally, WTB has renamed the Exposure 32mm and Exposure 34mm tires as Expanse 32 and Byway 34 respectively. Tread patterns remain the same here.

All Road Plus 650B offerings will also be offered in black wall versions from now on as well. WTB also has streamlined its pricing for all of its tubeless “drop bar adventure tires” and the price will be $59.99 across the board (USD) This reflects an actual price decrease on these tires. WTB announced a similar pricing structure for the European market where all drop bar adventure tires will cost 52.25 euros.

All new tires in all versions should be available from WTB’s California based warehouse in mid to late September.

WTB Exposure 700 X 36mm
WTB 700 X 36mm Exposure Road TCS tire

Comments: While it is absolutely fantastic to see WTB finally releasing tires like the Byway in 700c versions, we were a bit disappointed to not see a 50mm version of the Byway offered like WTB did with the Venture 700c X 50mm tire, which made news earlier this Summer. Perhaps WTB just doesn’t see enough demand for a smoother treaded, bigger volume 700c tire, but it makes sense to us as that sort of tread pattern that the Byway possesses is very fast on many types of gravel.

The offerings announced are great though, and we expect that at some point WTB will bring along the Horizon and Sendero as 700c tires also. But for now, having the Byway in a 700c X 40 or 45mm gets us pretty excited and those who like black wall tires can also rejoice. It’s a good thing to have choices.

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NOTE: Images and information used in this report were provided to Riding Gravel by WTB.


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  1. Did Gravelbikes just drive a stake into the heart of Roadbikes. I’m looking at the 700×44 Byways and thinking that it would be be the ideal tire for all pavement “Road” rides. Give me high-volume low pressure tires so the I can be comfortable. Give me a tire with a wee bit of tread so I can get some traction (unlike a full-slick) but with a fast-rolling center section. Just a few short years ago I would have scoffed at the idea of using anything but a narrow full-slick Road tire for riding pavement. I just donated my old Roadbike to charity.

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