WTB Resolute Tire: Getting Rolling

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WTB Resolute Tire: Getting Rolling- by Guitar Ted

The WTB Resolute, a brand new model specifically designed as a “do it all” gravel road tire, was introduced to you in our post that you can see by clicking HERE. There you will find all the technical aspects of the tire and more on its design intentions. Here I will reveal a bit about how this tire looked, feels, and how it mounted up for me. I’ll also give some specifics on measurements of the samples I was sent by WTB. Let’s take a closer look……

The Resolute 700 X 42mm tires come only with these rust-ish colored sidewalls . No black wall option here.

Mounting & Tubeless Performance: With the Resolute in hand I was curious as to how thin they might feel. WTB claims 460 grams for these tires. Given that tire weights can vary, the actual measured weight I got from the two samples sent to me were 450gm and 480 gm. Well within accepted manufacturing variances. However; I would hope that I received the two extremes. It will be interesting to see how the weights come in for folks as these get out there in rider’s hands. Otherwise these felt a bit thinner than the Byway or Horizon tires did, but not by much. I happen to like the rust tinted skin wall look, but that may not appeal to everyone. The casings felt supple, but not fragile. There isn’t a lot of rubber to go around such a big casing when you pare the weight down below 500 grams. No surprises there. Subsequently, these tires felt a lot less beefy than many others that have come through here. In terms of weight, the Resolute is right in the ball park and definitely on the lighter side for 40-43mm tires.

The Resolute has several smaller blocks for tread arranged to have the best all-around capabilities.

I would term the Resolute as being “average” to mount up tubeless. I used a bit wider rim than WTB said they were designed for. WTB recommends an inner width of 23mm for this tire, but I chose a KOM i25 rim from the WTB line to mount this tire on. Perhaps a less wide rim would make this tire easier to mount up tubeless, but I didn’t have any issues outside of the ordinary. I would deem “ordinary” as having to remove the valve core and use a short blast of air from an air compressor. Par for the course for most tubeless set ups I’ve had the pleasure of doing.

The Resolute held air well and I don’t see this tire having any abnormal traits as a tubeless tire. I expect that it will hold up well. The TCS system is a very predictable and reliable one. I aired up the Resolutes to 40psi and the measurement I got for width was a tiny bit more than 44mm. That was at the widest part of the casing. The tread blocks do not stick out further than the casing on this tire. So, that is pretty wide and I am sure it will preclude this tire from fitting some bikes. That said, narrower rims will certainly yield a narrower width to a degree.

First Impressions: The tread pattern has already aroused much interest and I have seen comparisons drawn, and asked for, to many other tires. I was first impressed by the Resolute to think of another tire as well, but not a gravel oriented one. My first impression was to compare this tire to another WTB tread for 29″ers called the Nine Line. It reminds me of the Resolute in the smaller, blocky tread pattern and how those blocks are lower to the casing, like the Resolute’s are. Ironically, in a review I did for another mountain bike based site, I called out the traits of the Nineline just as WTB has claimed for the Resolute: Fast rolling, having traction in many conditions, and not being a terrible tire in mud.

Pardon the dirt and dust on the Tamland. I was in a hurry to get the Resolute mounted so I could ride them.

WTB is calling this the “all arounder gravel tire”. The “one” tire that you could slap on your gravel rig and be okay no matter where the roads, or lack thereof, take you. The claim here is that the knobby pattern won’t hinder your speed on the harder surfaces, but you will have good traction in the dirt, mud, and looser terrain. While no tire on Earth can be “mud proof” in the truest sense, WTB claims this tread pattern should shed the muck and mire better than most. Those are big claims for one tire. This review will set out to see just how many of those characteristics are true in reality. Plus, as an added bonus, Grannygear will give a special update from SoCal on how the Resolute tires he has fare out on the wide open fire roads and trails of California.

So Far……. The Resolute sports a big casing and a unique tread pattern that claims to be fast rolling, have great traction, and decent mud shedding qualities. The reddish/tan colored sidewalls are not everyone’s jam but they do class up a bike well. Tubeless set up is normal and with WTB TCS rims, very stable and predictable. Stay tuned for the “Checkpoint” update coming in a couple of weeks to see what I’ve ferreted out about this tire’s claims.

NOTE: WTB sent over the Resolute tires at no charge for test/review. We were not bribed nor paid for this review and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.

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Author: Guitar Ted

Guitar Ted hails from Iowa. Home of over 70,000 miles of gravel and back roads. An inaugural member of the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame and Co-creator of Trans Iowa in late 2004- Guitar Ted has been at the forefront of the growth of gravel events and riding since then. Creator of Gravel Grinder News in 2008, he produced the premier calendar of gravel and back road events. GT joined forces with Riding Gravel in late 2014.

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6 thoughts on “WTB Resolute Tire: Getting Rolling

  1. Interested in the comparison to the Nano 40c since they’re similar size, intended use, and both from WTB

    1. meee tooooo. just me guessing: nano’s may be a touch faster on pavement and shed mud less well…resolute better in mucky stuff.

      Looking forward to ted’s take once some miles get logged 🙂

  2. Based on the list of specs, Resolute seems to be a really good offering. Good tread. Good size/volume/weight ratio. That said, my initial thinking is that the width is too wide. Many of the modern cx/gravel/all-road frames can barely fit 700cX40mm — assuming reasonable chainstay clearance for mud/all-weather riding. At stated 42mm, measured 44mm given the i25 rim, I wouldn’t think there would be much clearance left, if any. Also, at some point, I get a bit concerned about handling because of the tire volume (personal/subjective).

    I think tires at 700cX40, measured, and with similar size/volume/weight ratio, would be quite appealing. My two pesos.

    1. @justaute- I can sympathize with your concerns. I have a T-6 Standard Rando that would be sweet set up with a 700 X 38mm version of this tire. I suspect many others have bikes that would take a 38-40mm version of the Resolute well.

  3. I’ll just put this here, since people like to read about mounting performance on various rims.

    Mounted today on Velocity Blunt SS. Decidedly a lever job, as I couldn’t get close by hand. But nothing really overly difficult. Plus side of the tighter than normal fit, I was able to pop the beads with an old Silca Pista pump. Freshly mounted at 40psi8, it was just about 45mm at the widest point.

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