WTB SG2 Gravel Tires: Resolute Checkpoint

WTB SG2 Gravel Tires: Resolute Checkpoint – by Guitar Ted

This past September WTB announced a new version of their gravel tire range with puncture protection dubbed “SG2”. Now you can get any tire over 37mm in width in the gravel range with this feature. We introduced three SG2 equipped tire models from WTB and as promised, we have been testing them out since then. This post will give you an update on the 700c X 42mm Resolute SG2.

The WTB SG2 Resolute tire against a gate.
Guitar Ted found the typical Resolute traits carried over to the SG2 version of the model.

Ride Performance: The Resolute with SG2 puncture protection has been mounted to a HED Eroica wheel set since the beginning of the testing period. We measured the width shortly after mounting them up at 44.21mm. Now after several rides they measure up at 44.75mm, so I think that we can safely say that on a ‘modern internal width’ rim, you can expect a Resolute to be 44mm wide.

Thankfully, the ride quality of the Resolute in its standard, non-SG2 casing is carried over to this SG2 model. I found that I could run similar pressures to my regular Resolutes and not suffer much, if any noticeable negative ride traits. So, in my opinion, besides a bit of weight gain, there is no real drawback to using an SG2 Resolute over the standard model.

If you are not familiar with the Resolute, it was designed to be an ‘all around’ specialist, not excellent at one thing, but really good for most applications. Here the SG2 also matched its predecessor in performance. I found a speedy roll on hard surfaces and pavement, a decent mud shedding quality, and grip enough where that was necessary. Of all of WTB’s offerings in the gravel range, this tire really combines the best traits of all their gravel tires into one package. The Resolute is definitely the ‘set it and forget it‘ tire for most riders needs.

A pink bicycle on a dirt road
The all-around performance of the Resolute in the SG2 format makes this a top choice for gravel travel.

So Far… This was the model I was most concerned about going into this review. Since the standard Resolute is still my #1 gravel tire, I was really hopeful that the SG2 model would at least approximate what I liked about this tire. I am happy to say that WTB did not screw up the Resolute when they made it in a SG2 format. The casing with that 120TPI construction is a great offset to the SG2 belt and this preserves ride quality. Even the expected characteristics of a normal Resolute shine through here.

The only negatives I can find are that anyone expecting a 42mm tire will get a tire 2mm wider than that, especially on the now popular 24-26mm internal rim widths we are seeing more of these days. That may mean your frame will have limited clearances, or at worst, won’t fit this tire. The other thing is merely an aesthetic quibble I have. That being that SG2 is not available in a skin wall model. Hmm…… I suppose I could get used to an all-black tire again.

Stay tuned for a final update on all three models of the SG2 tires we received soon. For more on WTB SG2 gravel tires see their site here: https://www.wtb.com/collections/gravel-gets-tougher

Note: WTB sent over the three models of SG2 gravel tires to Riding Gravel for test and review at no charge. We were not paid nor bribed for this review and we always strive to give our honest thoughts and reviews throughout.


Author: Guitar Ted

Guitar Ted hails from Iowa. Home of over 70,000 miles of gravel and back roads. An inaugural member of the Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame and Co-creator of Trans Iowa in late 2004- Guitar Ted has been at the forefront of the growth of gravel events and riding since then. Creator of Gravel Grinder News in 2008, he produced the premier calendar of gravel and back road events. GT joined forces with Riding Gravel in late 2014.

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3 thoughts on “WTB SG2 Gravel Tires: Resolute Checkpoint

  1. I have been running an SG2 Nano for several months. I only have one because I bought it to replace standard Nano which suffered a sidewall slash. Thought I would give the new, tougher Nano a go.

    Like the reviewer, I found no degradation in ride quality. Traction and roll were as good, if not better than the original (which I still on the front). I have always loved the Nano so like the reviewer, I really didn’t want WTB to change a thing about the way it rides.

    Unlike the reviewer, my SG2 Nano is a narrower than the original by about 1.5mm. If you stare long enough at my bike, you might notice the front is slightly fatter than the rear.

    The other thing I have encountered with the SG2 is a high number of small punctures. I haven’t gashed a sidewall, but I have had numerous small holes in the knobby zone. most are cured by sealant but one required a plug and another a fixed by dismounting the tire and patching. I’m a bit surprised at this since I did not have a similar issue with the original Nano.

  2. I had two sets of the original Resolute, gave up on both of them due to poor puncture protection and poor sealing running tubeless. I also found them to be tough to plug.

    As a last resort, I tried the SG2 version. Much better. No flats yet with 200 miles on them, and on both prior pair, I had a puncture by now.

    Highly recommend the Resolute in SG2 form. The originals are a touch comfier and faster…just a touch. But not worth the fragility trade off.

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