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Turn any glove into a device friendly swiping pair of gloves.
Turn any glove into a device friendly swiping pair of gloves.

Winter time. Northern Hemisphere. While it may not be acting quite like Winter, you are probably riding with full finger gloves at times. That’s not all that unusual, but what has become different is that now many of us have touch screen equipped devices of various sorts. Many times, you have to peel off your gloves just to operate these GPS, phone, or camera devices which require contact between you and the screen electrically to function. Many gloves insulate you from “making contact”, which causes the issue. Glove-Tacts looks to solve this issue by selling you the “contact patches” which work with your gloves that you own now. Check out the press release below for more.


GloveTacts™, maker of the world’s first-ever adhesive conductive fingertip tech, comes out swiping with a high-tech yet simple, affordable solution to connect gloved consumers with their devices.

The patent-pending GloveTacts use ConnecTec™, an ultra-thin material more conductive than human skin, for precise touchscreen sensitivity. The ConnecTec pads attach securely and durably to nearly any glove via an advanced adhesive developed with 3M for a low-profile addition you’ll hardly notice, aside from the enhanced functionality.

Since ConnecTec doesn’t require contact with human skin, GloveTacts are a versatile solution for limitless applications in work and play, tested with motorcycle and snowmobile gloves, cycling gloves, ski/snowboard gloves, industrial work gloves, garden gloves, football and baseball gloves, equestrian gloves, and even prosthetics.

The secret lies in micro carbon filaments embedded in the outer polyurethane layer of ConnecTec, creating a resistance of 104 ohms (Human skin conductivity typically is 105). The conductive layer is blended seamlessly with a polyester adhesive layer for a durable product that will likely outlast the gloves it’s attached to.

GloveTacts retail for $9.99 USD and are available now at

Note: received information and images from Glove-Tact used in this post.

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