Gravel Grinder News: Salsa Cycles Announces New Colors, Spec On Warbird, Warroad, Cutthroat

Gravel Grinder News: Salsa Cycles Announces New Colors, Spec On Warbird, Warroad, Cutthroat – by Guitar Ted

Salsa Cycles released information today on new colors and specifications for their Warbird, Warroad, and Cutthroat drop bar bikes. These represent the core of Salsa’s road, gravel, and bikepacking segments. There are no design changes nor any news on a new model in this category.

Following are some images with spec and pricing information. Comments will follow after the images.

Cutthroat GRX 600 by Salsa Cycles
The Cutthroat GRX 600 1X MSRP $3599.00
Cutthroat GRX 810 2X by Salsa Cycles
2022 Cutthroat GRX 810 2X MSRP $4649.00
Salsa Cycles Cutthroat Eagle GX AXS
2022 Cutthroat Eagle GX AXS MSRP $5699.00
2022 Cutthroat XO1 Eagle AXS MSRP $8399.00
Salsa Cycles Warbird AXS WIDE
2022 Warbird AXS WIDE MSRP $7999.00
Salsa Cycles Warbird GRX 810
2022 Salsa Cycles Warbird GRX 810 MSRP $4549.00
Salsa Cycles Warbird Rival XPLR AXS
Salsa Cycles Warbird Rival XPLR AXS MSRP $5499
Salsa Cycles Warroad AXS Rival
Warroad AXS Rival MSRP $5499.00
Warroad Ultegra
Warroad Ultegra MSRP $4599.00
Warroad Ultegra 12 Di2
Warroad Ultegra 12 Di2 $7999.00

Comments: There will be frame sets offered for Warroad, Cutthroat, and Warbird in a basic black livery. Those are going to cost $2299.00 for the Warroad and Warbird and $2599.00 for the Cutthroat.

Also, Salsa Cycles advises that the Cutthroat GRX 600, the Warbird GRX 810, and the Warroad Ultegra will not be available until Fall 2022. Furthermore, the Warroad Ultegra 12 Di2 will not be available until Winter 2022.

We’ve seen some commentary to the effect that some of you are looking for steel or titanium gravel/bikepacking drop bar bikes similar to what is being seen from other companies. However; that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon at Salsa Cycles.

For more details and information, see your local Salsa Cycles dealer or the webpage here.

Note: All information and images provided by Salsa Cycles and is subject to change without notice.


Author: Guitar Ted

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3 thoughts on “Gravel Grinder News: Salsa Cycles Announces New Colors, Spec On Warbird, Warroad, Cutthroat

  1. Man. I ride a fair bit, devote a decent budget to the hobby, and make ok money, I think. But sheesh, bikes are getting expensive. I’m curious as to how many people drop $8k on a bike.

  2. I love that yellow Cutthroat. I got a 2021 with a 2x GRX, I wouldn’t have been happy with the 1X. I get asked often “What kinda bike is that?” Here in Los Angeles. Most companies put their name and logo and whatever else in big bold lettering so everyone knows that it’s an “XYZ”. The only part that says “Salsa” is on the top of the downtube, I have. Full frame bag bolted inside that triangle so the “Salsa” disappears. The little chili pepper is all that’s left and the average jerkoff won’t know wtf that means. This is all good imo because a bike that has “TREK” in huge letters mind as well say “Steal Me”. My Ridley spent years completely covered up, I plan to start on the Cutthroat soon to make it not stick out. Anywhere.

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