Sea Otter 2023 Photo Dump

Sea Otter 2023 Photo Dump – by Grannygear

I’m at Sea Otter again this year and have a camera in hand. Here are some of the things I found interesting enough to point at and push the shutter button. Enjoy! (Editor’s Note: We will add more to this thread as we get the images)

Sea Otter Salsa Confluence
Salsa Cycles goes electric with the Confluence gravel bike
Detail showing hub drive motor on the Confluence Sea Otter
The Confluence will utilize a hub drive and Shimano GRX 11 speed drive train
Detail of bottom bracket area on the Confluence Sea Otter
The battery looks to be encased in the aluminum frame’s downtube.
Confluence flat bar as shown at Sea Otter
Salsa also showed this 1X flat bar variant. We will try to get more details on the Confluence range soon.
Detail of the Kenda 4titude tire Sea Otter
Kenda showed off this Belgium Waffle Race inspired “4titude” tire
Tread pattern on the 4titude
The 4titude will be offered in 35mm and 40mm sizes and features a minimalist tread pattern
Wilier Rave SLR gravel bike
The Wilier Rave SLR is their fetching gravel bike/road bike. “All-roads bike” then?
Rave SLR
Featuring a “liquid crystal polymer” carbon frame and fork, the Rave SLR can take up to a 42mm tire.
Detail of Fezarri gravel bike
Multiple triple boss and water bottle mounts were seen on many bikes like this Fezarri.
Detail on Fezarri showing SRAM AXS XO rear derailleur.
That same Fezarri bike also featured SRAM’s new “hangar-less” AXS XO “transmission”.
This wildly painted Santa Cruz Stigmata was seen at the show. It was showing off the new 3D Violet components reintroduced by Chris King
Detail of a BlackHeart logo at Sea Otter
BlackHeart is not a name we’re familiar with, but that may change.
The overseas made frames come in aluminum and….
Titanium BlackHeart bike
…in this stunning titanium design.
Detail of a couple of Boyd Wheels.
Boyd Cycling has just announced the opening of their own rim factory in South Carolina.
Boyd GVL wheel set.
These rims were made in the USA for their budget priced “GVL” wheels. 25mm internal width, $425.00 bucks.
Hunt Wheels 25 CGR wheel set
Hunt Wheels were showing this new 25 CGR Wheel set
Detail of inner rim of the 25 CGR wheels
“CGR” stands for Carbon Gravel Race, and refers to the rim depth. The actual inner width is 26mm. The wheel set sells for $1159.00 and weighs a claimed 1380 grams.
Hunt Sprint SL hub set
The straight-pull spoke “Sprint SL” hubs are also now available separately at $249.00 for the pair from Hunt.

Stay tuned for more from the 2023 Sea Otter Festival!


Author: Guitar Ted

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