Barry-Roubaix this weekend


The very popular Barry-Roubaix Killer Gravel Road Race is this Saturday, March 22 in Hastings, Michigan. There are 24, 36, and 62-mile options to accomodate riders of any level.¬† It’s the unofficial start of the season in the Upper Midwest. Last year, a total of 2,150 riders participated in all of the distances¬† – 361 in the 62-miler, 1,362 in the 36-miler, and 427 in the 24-miler.

[quote]A classic road/off road race featuring a variety of terrain and surfaces to test all your cycling skills.[/quote]

Barry Roubaix Start Line. Photo courtesy of
Barry Roubaix Start Line. Photo courtesy of


Find out more about the Barry-Roubaix here.

Race Information Document (full schedule, times, parking, directions, etc)

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