Featured Event: The Theoi

Featured Event: The Theoi – by Guitar Ted

Event logo for The Theoi

As the gravel event scene matures, it is only natural that we see new events with different feature sets than the events we used to know as “gravel grinders“. Lately I’ve noted multi-surface events like “Rule Of Three” and in Iowa we will see a “Rule of Four” event where the course has gravel, pavement, dirt, at the least, and possibly another type of road surface, or even single track dirt. Gravel events have made headway into the triathlon discipline as well. So, when I was contacted to write up this article about ‘The Theoi’, an event I was unfamiliar with, it came as no surprise to me to see that it was a multi-discipline event with a triathlon core.

The Theoi, which is described as the first ever triathlon, off-road gravel ride, and vertical time trial, will occur on June 17th-19th at Idaho’s Tamarack Resort. It’s pretty much three separate events, but you could do all of them if you are so inclined.

The Theoi Tri course for the bike section in overhead satellite view.
The Theoi’s triathlon bike course.

The event organizers have this to say about The Theoi and why they created this challenge;

We created The Theoi as a nod to the formidable gods of Mount Olympus, whose strength and athleticism made them some of the most recognizable heroes of Greek mythology. (“Theoi” is the ancient Greek word for “gods.”)

Much like the sacred battles on Olympus, The Theoi is designed to challenge participants both physically and mentally. There are three parts to this event: an intermediate-distance triathlon, a near-vertical gravel time trial (bike) up the mountain, and a demanding off-road/gravel bike race. Competitors have the option to participate in all three events or they may choose one or two.

The event will feature two distances in the gravel ride. One shorter course of 45K and the longer course will be 70K Both courses are said to be “incredibly challenging and scenic“. Being that the event is held in Idaho, that should come as no surprise. Both courses will be supported with aid stations stocked with water, energy drinks, and snacks. Otherwise you are on your own here and event organizers stress that you must be prepared to be self-sufficient out on course.

Event logo for USA Triathlon Gravel Series

The time trial is said to be pretty tough with a near straight-up-the mountain course. Mountain bikes are being allowed here for this course as they will be for the triathlon as well. The Theoi is governed by USA Triathlon and is part of their gravel series of events.

Check out more on The Theoi at the event website here: https://thetheoi.com

Note: Images and information used in this post were provided to Riding Gravel by “The Theoi” organizers. Riding Gravel is not connected to the event, or promotions of this event, in any way. Riding Gravel is not responsible for any information which is changed in the future, incorrect, or omitted by the organizers of ‘The Theoi’. Questions or concerns about ‘The Theoi’ should be directed to the event organizers who can be reached via the website linked above.


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