Miesville FiftySix Gear Available

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Miesville FiftySix 

The Miesville gang is friends of Riding Gravel and we know many of you will be out there riding the Miesville FiftySix on Sunday, May 1st in Miesville, Minnesota, so we wanted to share some information about the ride and the gear that they have available.

If you’re not familiar with the gravel riding and event scene in Minnesota, then you really should get up to speed quickly. For years, riders have been cruising the low traffic gravel roads all over rural Minnesota. There are so many great roads, routes, and events that are within very reasonable distances from the major cities, including the Minneapolis/St. Paul Metro.

The Miesville FiftySix has been a hit since the get-go. They have rider limits and hit those every year. If you want to find out more details about the ride, go to the Website.

Miesville/Just Ride MN Gear is Available

They also have a new project called Just Ride MN. Just Ride MN is a “collaboration of design, passion, community, stories, people and art that all circle around cycling and Minnesota.” You can find more information and follow along with Just Ride on their Facebook Page.

It’s a natural fit for them to bring these two ideas together to work toward the goal of bringing the community together. So, they’ve designed up this nice gear to merge them. They are offering both men’s and women’s style jerseys and shorts and bibs. All the details and sizing are in the store. Hurry, because this is a limited time preorder – the store closes on March 6 at midnight.


  1. Go to the store here: https://www.podiumwear.com/team-storefront/miesville-fifty-six-2016-1/
  2. Enter code “FIFTYSIX

About the Miesville FiftySix:

“The Miesville FiftySix is a gravel road ride through beautiful parts of Dakota county just minutes southeast of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. We are gearing up for May 1st, 2016. It’s a mass roll-out at 8:30am sharp from the Miesville Mudhens stadium right in Miesville. The route will consist of 56 radical miles Dakota County and the Cannon River Valley. Many gravel enthusiasts have told us that this is one of their favorite rides of the year. That’s a big deal.”

Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about the Miesville FiftySix on the Riding Gravel Forum Miesville Thread.



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