Riding Gravel’s Event Calendar Needs Your Event Dates

 Riding Gravel’s Event Calendar Needs Your Event Dates – by Guitar Ted

If you, or anyone you know is involved in gravel event promotions, listen up. We need to update the calendar on Riding Gravel.com for 2015.  Known as the Gravel Grinder News Calendar, it is the same effort I have put forth since 2008 to catalog all the gravel events across the nation and Internationally. It’s completely free and gets you all the eyeballs out there involved in gravel and back road events to check out your deal.

Over the years, I have had many event promoters say that putting their event on the GGN calendar has made a big difference in attendance and enthusiasm for their events. That was fine for the old days, but with the new Riding Gravel, there are more benefits if you want them. You still get the free listing, the eyes looking at that calendar and planning on coming to your events, and the best known and comprehensive listing of gravel events anywhere, but now you can have a forum thread just for your event on the Riding Gravel Forum. You could have links to Facebook pages, and maybe even a guest spot on the podcast specifically aimed at gravel/back road events called the “Riding Gravel Radio Ranch“. Don’t feel like being “on air”?, no worries, we can talk about your event for you, if you want us to.5

We can even do post event coverage of your race/ride with interviews on the podcast, or by having your story written up and posted on the site. If you really want to have me come out to your event to check things out first hand, that may even be possible, just give us a shout. Maybe you are the independent type? Great! You can upload your own event details on the Calendar Page, just scroll down at the bottom for the field to enter your event details. We’d really like to get your 2015 dates on the calendar, so you can even leave a comment here if you want and I’ll take it from there.

As you can see, it is a way to really get the word out if you want to, and on the first and biggest calendar for gravel events anywhere with benefits. Of course, if you are a rider, just hop over to Riding Gravel and see what you are looking for, what you want to discuss with others, or for what you want to listen to, all in one site.

Thanks and I look forward to serving ya’all and seeing you out there in 2015.

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Author: RGBen

I created Ridinggravel.com in the fall of 2013 and happily joined with Guitar Ted in late 2014 to form the current day Riding Gravel. Originally from Wisconsin, my wife, 2 kids, spent several years in Colorado, before spending a couple years in North Dakota. Now we're back in Northern Wisconsin in the middle of an Outdoor Mecca.

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