AntiEpic Course Scouting


For those of you riding the AntiEpic 50 or AntiEpic 160, the roads are looking good.
We (me, Joe, and Nord) checked out a lot of the AntiEpic 50 course today. The 20-degree temperature made for a little chilly start (in spring mode, so everything below about 35 seems cold these days – more mental than anything), but the warm Colorado sun quickly heat things up.

A lot of the roads along the course are currently very hardpacked. Greenland Road had a section that was a little chunky due to recently grading, otherwise, it’s fast.

The car-to-pronghorn ratio was a bit thrown off from the usual 1-to-1 as we ended up seeing about 15 cars and only about 8 pronghorn. Along with the pronghorn, there were several mule deer, a scattering of donkeys, farm dogs, cows, horses, magpies (Colorado state bird) , rough-legged hawks, and it seems that the mountain bluebirds are back in full force for the summer.

Enjoy some pictures from today’s ride:

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