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Greg Gleason has won Trans Iowa two years in a row. After finishing the 10th annual race in 2014 in 26 hours and 22 minutes and a year of hard work and dedication, Greg was ready to rock at the 2015 Trans Iowa. It was all looking good until the forecast for the race weekend began to change. As the race approached, the gloom and doom sirens rang out among racers and Trans Iowa fans and followers.

It began raining on Friday afternoon and evening off and on. By late Friday night/early Saturday morning, it was pouring rain. A cold soaking rain. The roads were soaked and the forecast for Saturday was cold rain. The rain let up for the start at 4am in downtown Grinnell, Iowa, but soon the relentless wind and rain hit, and the field was decimated. Only one racer made Checkpoint 1 on time and that was Greg Gleason.

Listen in as Greg shares his story about Trans Iowa v11 and how he managed to get to Checkpoint 1 and complete 120 miles in 12 hours and 20 minutes. He shares his story about getting into gravel racing, preparing and racing for Trans Iowa, and gives a lot of other great information and thoughts. This episode is filled with great insight into racing one of the toughest races out there.

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3 thoughts on “Episode Eight – Greg Gleason

  1. Hi GT. I love these podcasts!
    One edit I would suggest, if possible, is to have the links/pictures in the show notes set to “open link in new tab” so that the playing stream doesn’t stop. I keep forgetting to right click and say “open link in new tab” and then I have to scrub ahead to figure out where I left off on the show. Greg was talking about the photographers in the end of the episode when I decided to click on the photo this time. Haha. Maybe I will learn soon enough.


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