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Guitar Ted and Ben bring the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch back for another episode. It’s been a while, but things have certainly been busy in the land of Riding Gravel.

In this episode, Guitar Ted discusses some of his recent tire and wheel testing and reviewing, they discuss tire widths, and Dirty Kanza (including Guitar Ted’s great personal experience and Ben’s rant about the Boo Bicycles fiasco.)

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This episode is brought to you by the Pig Trail Gravel Grinder

Velocity Aileron Rims

Velocity Convertible Hubs

Bikeradar “Why the next-gen adventure road bike is a mountain bike in disguise”

Wheel Comparison 650 v 700

THE Boo Bicycles Blog Post that started it all…

Ben’s “Dirty Lessons” post on Mountain Bike Radio

Guitar Ted’s Blog

The Riding Gravel Tire Finder

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Riding Gravel Forum

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