Podcast Episode 19 – Happy New Year

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Guitar Ted and Ben get up to date with an episode by themselves. No guests does NOT mean no fun though. They do a little housekeeping and give some updates of what they have been up to with the website. There are some new, good updates that hopefully provide more riders with more valuable information. Additionally, Guitar Ted discusses a recent question about tires, including the 650b WTB Horizon tires, as well as general information. Then they discuss the near term future of the cycling world. Plus, 2017 Trans Iowa information.

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Riding Gravel Podcast
WTB 650b Horizon Tire is discussed in this episode.


This episode is brought to you by TravelKS.com


Previous Interview with Will Ritchie

Guitar Ted’s thoughts on the future

Gravel Tire Finder

Trans Iowa v13

Guitar Ted’s Blog

The Riding Gravel Tire Finder

Riding Gravel Event Calendar

Riding Gravel Forum

Riding Gravel Bike Finder

Riding Gravel Tire Finder

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