Riding Gravel Radio Ranch Episode #40 – Salsa Stormchaser, Odd Creaking, and More

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Guitar Ted sits down Andy from Andy’s Bike Shop to get the second episode in the shop with Andy. Guitar Ted started working there this winter and now Riding Gravel has a physical, brick & mortar “HQ.”

The guys dig into Salsa Stormchaser more than last episode, chat about some extra storage options on the bike, and get into some discussion and a deep dive into details of recent reviews.




Andy’s Bike Shop – https://www.shopandysbikes.com/
Salsa Stormchaser – https://salsacycles.com/bikes/stormchaser/2020_stormchaser_single_speed
Wolftooth B-RAD – https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/collections/b-rad-system
Revelate Mountain Feedbag – https://www.revelatedesigns.com/index.cfm/store.catalog/Cockpit/MountainFeedbag
Bike Bag Dude Chaff Bags – https://www.bikebagdude.com/chaff-bags
Blackburn Bomber – https://www.wtb.com/blogs/wtb/12046329-throwback-thursdays-1993-wtb-blackburn-bomber
Redshift Seatpost Review – https://www.ridinggravel.com/reviews-2/redshift-shock-stop-seatpost-checkpoint/
Suntour Suspension Seatpost – https://www.srsuntour.us/products/copy-of-sp12-ncx-seatpost?variant=27528514371
Other news & reviews – https://www.ridinggravel.com/gravel-news/
Riding Gravel Event Calendar: http://ridinggravel.com/events/
Riding Gravel Forum – http://ridinggravel.com/forum/



Author: RGBen

I created Ridinggravel.com in the fall of 2013 and happily joined with Guitar Ted in late 2014 to form the current day Riding Gravel. Originally from Wisconsin, my wife, 2 kids, spent several years in Colorado, before spending a couple years in North Dakota. Now we're back in Northern Wisconsin in the middle of an Outdoor Mecca.

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4 thoughts on “Riding Gravel Radio Ranch Episode #40 – Salsa Stormchaser, Odd Creaking, and More

  1. I remember when the Bomber cage was introduced at interbike. Blackburn made a special cage that held a 5 gallon water cooler bottle, and had it mounted on a bike,
    The real cage did work well. Wish I still had mine.

  2. I had a similar 1.25L bottle holder which worked great in Australia! However on my NZ trip, they had slightly different sized 1.5L bottles which did fit in my holder, with a push and a shove.

    As a result, every 48+ hours the 1.5L bottle would spring a leak & break leaving me with a useless bottle.

    Just make sure that your bottles fit snug, and aren’t jammed in too tight!

    These bottle holders are such a good idea *if* the bottle fits correctly.

    1. As GT said in the podcast, the 1.5 liter bottles are no longer available, and they were not intended to be used long term in the Bomber Cage

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