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Finish Line FiberLink Sealant: At The Finish

Okay, so FiberLink seems to have an impressive lifespan, it seems to have a pretty good ability to clog a sealant injector nozzle, so I assume a good performance in the field, and it seals up tire casings quite nicely. But, is it a better choice than the most popular brands?

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Lead Out Bags: Quick Review

A hundy gets you a couple of bags from a small US company looking to make a dent in the industry, seemingly off to a good start.

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Grepp Handle Bar Tape: At The Finish

Grepp Handle Bar Tape: At The Finish – by Guitar Ted The unusual Grepp Handle Bar Tape has been used on three different bicycles in…

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A Spectrum Of Lights: The Amazon Lights

A causal search of Amazon for bike lights will show a huuuuge availability of lights…small to large…pretty much all from China, and at reduced prices compared to the mainstream brands. Like really reduced.

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Topeak Gravel Gear Bag: Quick Review

Just what the heck is this thing? It has straps like a frame bag, but it isn’t really a frame bag, or a bag at all. It has elements of a tool roll, but it doesn’t go under your saddle. It is shaped like an overgrown wallet, but the permanently attached front strap kind of takes it out of that category.

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A Spectrum Of Lights: Bontrager Ion Elite R

Moving on with our light review round-up, we have the light from Bontrager. As we mentioned in the intro post, what I received from Trek was the Ion Elite R which is one step down from the top of the line light.

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Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet: Quick Review

The Craft Cadence Cycling Wallet is a fine way to protect sensitive smart phones and to carry things like money, credit cards, keys, and more in an organized, safe way.

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Grepp Handle Bar Tape: Checkpoint

Grepp tape is reusable, washable, and recyclable which makes this tape unique amongst the category. I found that it seems to have durability and a stable nature on the handle bar.

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Craft Cadence Handle Bar Bag: At The Finish

The Craft Cadence Handle Bar Bag is a very sturdy, well made bag which has a lot of versatility and is simple to use.

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KOM Cycling Products: Quick Review

A package of KOM Cycling products arrived some time ago and I have been playing around with the bits and pieces for a while now.

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