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Atomik/Berd Ultimate Gravel Wheels: Getting Rolling

The Atomik/Berd Ultimate wheels are made with a somewhat familiar rim material, but laced with the unusual Berd spokes, which have claims of lighter weight, but more importantly, strength and damping qualities for the rider. At a starting price of $1700.00 for a wheel set and up, depending upon options spec’ed, the Atomik rims with these Berd spokes have some stiff competition, so the claims are important.

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Enve G23 Wheels: Getting Rolling

Enve G23 Wheels: Getting Rolling- by Guitar Ted Wheels are awesome. When it comes to bicycle wheels, carbon fiber makes wheels more awesome. I accept…

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Irwin Cycling Aon GX 35 650B Carbon Wheels: Checkpoint

Irwin Cycling Aon GX 35 650B Carbon Wheels: Checkpoint- by Guitar Ted The 650B wheel choices are proliferating at a steady rate. We at Riding…

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