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Redshift Sports Kitchen Sink Handlebar: At The Finish

The overall design of each aspect of the system has a pretty wide appeal, in my opinion. So, yes- it isn’t for everyone. But if you are looking for a way to gain a bit more control, better ride comfort, and more versatility in your gravel/adventure riding, then the Redshift Sports Kitchen Sink Handlebars, Cruise Control grips, and Really Long Bar Tape are well worth looking into. I highly recommend the system.

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Redshift Sports Kitchen Sink Handlebar: Checkpoint

The control part is what I wasn’t expecting. When things get rowdy, rough, and sketchy, the Drop Grips especially come into play and make controlling the bike a much easier task. I felt a lot more secure while holding these grips when I hit loose gravel in a turn, for instance.

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Fresh Gravel: WTB, Redshift Sports, Finish Line

Winter is hitting the Riding Gravel headquarters hard, but that doesn’t mean that things are not happening. Today we have news on some upcoming products from WTB, Redshift Sports, and Finish Line which are due to arrive soon, or already have, which we will be reviewing.

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Riding Gravel Radio Ranch Episode #42 – News & Reviews Updates

<Back to Podcast Home | ABOUT THE EPISODE Guitar Ted and Andy bring you an episode filled with some more in-depth and “behind the scenes”…

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Redshift Sports ShockStop Seat Post: At The Finish

MG called the ShockStop seat post a ‘game changer’, and I would agree. It hits all points: Good looking, effective, and easily set up. If you’ve been shying away from riding gravel due to the roughness and vibrations, get the Redshift ShockStop post and match it with a ShockStop stem. You’ll be amazed at what control and comfort that set up will give you. Game changer indeed.

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Redshift Shock Stop Seatpost: Checkpoint

Redshift Shock Stop Seatpost: Checkpoint – by MG Suspension seatposts are a concept most riders can get behind in theory, but in reality, many riders…

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Redshift Sports Shock Stop Seat Post: Getting Rolling

The Redshift Sports Shock Stop Seat Post is a sleek looking, compact design that promises the rider a vibration reduction and more comfort. T

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Redshift Sports Debuts ShockStop Seat Post

Redshift Sports Debuts ShockStop Seat Post- by Guitar Ted Readers may recall our reviews of the ShockStop Stem here and how we liked the vibration…

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Good Vibrations

Editor’s Note: We at Riding Gravel are pleased to present another post  from our contributor, John Ingham Good Vibrations- by John Ingham When a former…

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Redshift Sports ShockStop Stem: Quick Review

As gravel and adventure cycling grow in popularity, we’re seeing more and more products designed to filter out bumps and vibration before they reach the…

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