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Sasquatch Duro

Welcome to Sasquatch Duro!

Join us in the Kingdom of Gravel that made Oakridge the logging capital of the Pacific Northwest. Logging is still active and new opportunities for adventure await in May at the Sasquatch Duro. Three routes to choose from for a Monster Squatch 77 Miler, Big Squatch loop that is 47 Miles and 4200 ft and the Little Squatch loop at 32 miles Rating: Tough enough for 32 miles or 47 mile options and plenty of fun and Sasquatch on the 77 mile Monster Squatch route

Suggested Gearing: So Subjective versus your fitness.

Suggested Tire: 32mm to 40mm, cross bike, gravel bike or hard tail mountain bike

Decents are fast so control is key

Percentage of Gravel to Road 70/30 Gravel To Road

Proud to support the ATCA who work to enhance and preserve the Alpine Trail!
Want to see photos check out #sasquatchduro or #oregontriplecrown and we will see you at the Sasquatch Duro

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by Riding Gravel 2014