Kinekt on MG's Ti Fargo
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Cirrus Cycles Kinekt Seat Post: At The Finish

I believe the Kinekt post was an essential component to my DKXL finish, and it performed flawlessly throughout the event. The post let me stay seated through a wider range of conditions and substantially muted the vibration and bumps reaching my posterior.

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Cantu Rova wheelset
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Lauf True Grit: Checkpoint

Back in June, I introduced you to the Lauf True Grit gravel bike I’ve been testing (read the Getting Rolling post here). Since then, I’ve…

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Otso Cycles Waheela S: Getting Rolling

Otso Cycles Waheela S: Getting Rolling- by Guitar Ted Gravel bikes. It used to be a term that meant a lot of things, or nothing…

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Body Float
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At the Finish: Cirrus Cycles Body Float Seatpost

It’s been about three months┬ásince the last installment of our test of the Body Float suspension seatpost from Cirrus Cycles, but in this case, no…

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Checkpoint: Cirrus Cycles Body Float

Cirrus Cycles Body Float Suspension Seatpost: Checkpoint — In the two months since we┬áintroduced you to the Body Float suspension seatpost from Cirrus Cycles, we’ve…

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