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WTB Saddle Fit Right System: Quick Review

So, does WTB’s “Fit Rght System” work? Can you really measure your wrist, answer a few questions, and get a saddle for a bicycle that works well for you? Really? It sounds weird, until you dig into it, and then, it actually kind of starts making sense. I’ll leave the details to the scientists and professional bike fitters. All I know is that – yes. It does work.

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Saddle Up! Riding Gravel’s Saddle Shoot Out

If there is anything more personal than a saddle I am not sure what that would be. No butt is exactly the same, no riding position is exactly the same. So I will endeavor to tell you what I like about the saddles and what I do not like and why, with the understanding that it does not make them good or bad.

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