Craft Cadence Recycled Performance Jersey: At The Finish

Craft Cadence Recycled Performance Jersey: At The Finish – by Guitar Ted

Winter tarries, but the time for Summer gear has come and gone for 2021, and with that I have to give my final verdict on the Craft Cadence Recycled Performance Jersey. I posted an introductory article on this Craft Cadence jersey here in case you missed that. in this post I am going to focus on the ride feel and performance.

Guitar Ted models the Craft Cadence recycled Performance Jersey

Ride Performance: As mentioned in the opener on this jersey, it fit very close to the body, so I found that the airflow over the jersey had a great cooling effect on me which I don’t get from many other jerseys. This also was complimented by a better perspiration transfer and together this caused the Craft Cadence jersey to work really well when it was very hot out, despite the black color of the jersey, which might lead you into thinking it would be hot to wear on such days. It is not.

As I said in the opener, getting into the rear pockets was no harder than with any other jersey, and I was pleased by that since I typically jam my camera which I use for ride images in the right rear pocket of my jerseys. So, the Craft Cadence jersey passed the ‘pocket test’! Beyond that, what is there to say? this jersey worked well for hot weather rides and it layers up nicely under a jacket as well since it is so close fitted.

At The Finish: There is a place and a time for close fitted jerseys and this Craft Cadence jersey is definitely that. The hotter the better for this one, although, as stated, it does layer well with a jacket since it adds little bulk and transfers perspiration so well. Put a quality base layer under this jersey and you have the makings of a high performance outfit.

The recycled fabric seems tough, stretchy, and washes well in the laundry. I have no issues with the fabric and the recycled element to it makes me feel good about my impact on the environment. The zipper is a quality piece as well, which I find is key to making something nice to wear and that will last for many seasons of use.

Guitar Ted with a bicycle wearing the Craft Cadence Recycled performance Jersey.

Now, the fit- This is not going to work for a lot of folks who are bigger bodied. It won’t appeal to those who are not into ‘second-skin’ fitted jerseys. The recycled element and the quality workmanship in the construction of the Craft Cadence jersey will be lost on these people. Too bad. Perhaps in the future Craft Cadence can offer a wider size range with a looser fit as well to accommodate people who don’t fit the user profile of this jersey. That is my only knock on this product.

Otherwise, if a performance fit, well made jersey with a nice ‘green’ element to its making appeals to you, I can recommend this Craft Cadence jersey to you. It’s a nice piece of kit.

For this product and other Craft Cadence items see their website here:

Note: Craft Cadence sent over the Recycled Performance Jersey at no charge for test and review to Riding Gravel. We are not being paid, nor bribed, for this review and we always strive to give our honest thoughts and views throughout.


Author: Guitar Ted

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