Trans Iowa Radio

Trans Iowa Radio

Trans Iowa is a self-navigated, self-supported, 300-plus mile gravel road event held in late April on Iowa gravel roads. The 2018 race, held on Saturday, April 28th and Sunday, April 29th, is the 14th year of this test of endurance and preparation.

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Call In to (888) 573-4329 and leave an update anytime before or during the race. Your audio update will be posted on this page below under “Listen to Trans Iowa Radio.” We want you to call to share your experiences with family, friends, fans, sponsors, and TI Radio listeners!


We will be providing every update, as often as we can (depending on service), to this page below. You can stream and download directly from this page.



Below you will find the updates from Guitar Ted and Trans Iowa racers before, during, and after the race.

Racers should call (888) 573-4329 to leave an update.

2018 CALL-INS:

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Sunday, April 29

– 2:20pm – Guitar Ted with the final count

– 1:15pm – Joe Frost thanking everyone

– 11:26am – Trent Hovenga has finished

– 10:51am – Derek Henry has had enough

– 10:10am – Guitar Ted gives the leader info

– 9:55am – Nick Legan (author of Gravel Cycling) says that it got a little difficult overnight

– 7:10am – Scott Rider is going to wrap this thing up

– 5:54am – Guitar Ted has an update

– 5:12am – Guitar Ted is waiting at the finish line

– 3:28am – Ben Mullin calling in from Montezuma

– 3:15am – Derek Henry in Montezuma

– 2:52am – Guitar Ted update part 2

– 2:52am – Guitar Ted update

– 1:45am – Derek Brown is cold but moving on

– 12:40am – Jim Koziol is with a group at the Store of the Day

– 12:14am – Trent Hovenga is pushing on 

– 12:13am – Eric Schmidgall ends his night

Saturday, April 28

– 11:55pm – Adrienne Taren is out

– 11:36pm – Jess is back again for Scott

– 11:21pm – Scott Sumpter is out

– 11:18pm – Checkpoint 2 still bringing in people

– 11:15pm – Scott Galloway took some extra miles and…

– 11:05pm – Ben Mullin is still sounding strong and with a group

– 11:03pm – Guitar Ted checks in

– 10:44pm – Derek Henry just made it and it’s gonna get real

– Dave at Checkpoint 2:

– 9:12pm – More Checkpoint 2 racers

– 9:06pm – Checkpoint 2 updated numbers

– 8:54pm – Guitar Ted with a HUGE bombshell (clickbait yes, but still big news) of top riders

– 8:52pm – Dave with some more riders into Checkpoint 2

– 8:49pm – John Anderson is done

– 8:48pm – Scott Rider is settling in for the night

– 8:43pm – Andrew Pearson is done

– 8:40pm – Mike McGinn is trying hard, but now a flat may “blow” his chances

– 8:36pm – Riders through and in Checkpoint 2

-8:14pm – Super Fans check in

– 8:12pm – Dave had another rider through

– 7:56pm – Dave apparently is lonely at Checkpoint 2

– 7:52pm – Mike McGinn…..TWSS

– 7:32pm – It’s just Dave

– 7:28pm – Dave Roll with another Checkpoint 2 update

– 7:10pm – Dave Roll (yes….again…) Things are heating up at Checkpoint 2

– 7:00pm – Dave Roll (again…) with a Checkpoint 2 update

– 6:55pm – Guitar Ted with an update. Marco Polo….

– 6:50pm – Dave Roll making friends

– 6:42pm – Dave Roll checking in from Checkpoint 2

– 6:31pm – Andrew Pearson riding from dogs

– 6:07pm – Eric Schmidgall has managed to baby his derailleur this far…

– 5:57pm – Derek Henry is at Heaven

– 5:50pm – Matt Jennings thanks everyone supporting him

– 5:48pm – Luke Brager is possibly regretting his decision

– 5:47pm – Ben Mullin sounds fresh as the beginning. Casey’s again!

– 5:46pm – Robert Ellis has seized legs and is looking towards the future

–  5:45pm – Scott Galloway wants more climbing

– 5:21pm – Rachel Lehringer-Wiar drops her final haiku 🙁 

– 5:01pm – Big Bad Mr. Roll is in charge at Checkpoint 2

– 4:55pm – Guitar Ted has the goods

– 4:50pm – Matt Steele – NO PIZZA??!!? 

– 4:46pm – Mathew Kutilek appreciating his surroundings. Here is Paul Harvey’s Hard Work, So God Made a Farmer

– 4:40pm – Dan Buettner has had enough…

– 4:35pm – Mike McGinn wondering if he’ll make it

– 3:46pm – Tom Anderson eating…surprise, surprise…Casey’s pizza

– 3:40pm – Andrew Pearson was sleeping in the sun

– 3:20pm – Robert Ellis is thinking of his family

– 3:06pm – Justin Schuetz confirms that Riding Gravel should invest in Casey’s stock…

– 2:50pm – Adrienne Taren’s got 99 problems but…

– 2:46pm – Eric Schmidgall is hanging on by a chain

– 2:41pm – Ben Mullin is stuffing his face with pizza

– 2:40pm – Little Pony (aka Derek) loves the wind in his face too

– 2:35pm – Guitar Ted is leading the Drama Train

– 2:30pm – Scott Galloway confirms that Iowa is really flat

– 2:20pm – Matt Steele loves every option of Casey’s snack food

– 2:05pm – Paulina Batiz #ibleedgravel 

– 1:55pm – Scott Rider is enjoying the city life

– 1:10pm – Kahla (sp?) Daniels is looking for her yellow lab. PLEASE HELP! 

– 1:05pm – Justin Schuetz is basking in the sun

– 1:00pm – Jim Koziol is still hanging in there

– 12:45pm – Some ladies are battling the wind

– 12:35pm – Guitar Ted with some updates

-12:18pm – Mathew Kutilek is looking for a gas station

– 12:00pm – Dan Buettner enjoying the fresh wind in his face

– 11:50am – Andrew Pearson checking in

– 11:30am – Rachel “The Haiku Gravel Cyclist” Lehringer-Wiar forges on

– 11:07am – Ann with a Lost and Found announcement – Scott from Team Lizard King – your gloves are at Bikes to You in Grinnell. 

– 11:06am – Guitar Ted discusses the front of the race

– 11:00am – Mike McGinn is keepin’ on

– 10:20am – Nick Legan (author of Gravel Cycling) is having a great day so far

– 10:18am – Jim Koziol likes Family Guy

– 9:21am – Lee Buell reminds you to have fun

– 9:00am – Kimberly Breuer & Jeremy Fry sound happy

– 8:45am – Adrienne Taren reminds Mom that she’s eating

– 8:42am – Matt Steele is getting all of his things ready for the day

– 8:41am – Ann Gentle just made my day and I hope she makes yours. Thank you Ann!

– 8:40am – Roy Rhodes is in uncharted territory

– 8:30am – Tom Anderson might be going a little faster than planned

– 8:25am – Guitar Ted. It’s bad service but good info (some people have dropped)

– 8:20am – Trenton Raygor (he’s the guy behind the Filthy 50 and The Day Across Minnesota by the way) checks in to remind you why he’s such a nice guy

– 8:20am – Ben Mullin sounds upbeat and why not? He’s at Casey’s

– 8:20am – Checkpoint Volunteer Heros have found most riders so far

– 8:16am – Todd & Gang are having a bike party at a convenience store

– 7:55 am – Scott Galloway may not be in an earthly location.

– 7:50am Paulina Batiz is truckin’

– 7:45am – Rachel Leringer-Wiar is dropping haikus

– 7:42am – Dan Buettner sounds good

– 7:40am – Matt Steele likes math

– 7:35am – Mathew Kutilek is shedding layers

– 7:30am – Andrew Pearson has chilly toes

– 7:30am – Trent Hovenga is having a good morning

– 7:26am – Eric Schmidgall is experiencing a few issues

– 7:25am – Jacob Spath and Mike McGinn sound to be on the right track

– 7:10am – Derek Henry is riding a horse? Sounds like he’s having a good time.

– 7:05am – Scott Rider in at Checkpoint 1

-7:00am – Guitar Ted left Checkpoint 1

– 6:51am – Lee Buell took a wrong turn

– 6:20am – Guitar Ted and guest hosts are at Checkpoint 1

– 6:15am – Mathew Kutilek in on route and thanks his family

– 4:15am – Guitar Ted checks in after the start

– 3:45am – Trent Hovenga is cueing it up

– 3:09am – Rachel Lehringer-Wiar and Karla Hernandez are pumped and ready

– 2:05am – Mathew Kutilek is enjoying some fine dining

– 1:44am – Derek Henry is awake and ready to roll

Friday, April 27

– 9:05pm – Trenton Raygor is building bikes

– 8:15pm – Guitar Ted checks in after the pre-race Meat Up

– 8:10pm – Trent Hovenga is in from Colorado for another crack at it 

– 1132am – Guitar Ted checks in from out on course and reports that it’ll be really dry

  1. – Mathew Kutilek checks in before leaving

Thursday, April 26

    1. Guitar Ted gives a prerace update




2017 CALL-INS:

Sunday, April 30

69. Guitar Ted with a final report

68. Guitar Ted with a correction

67. Guitar Ted

66. Dan checks in one last time

65. Guitar Ted announces the winner of Trans Iowa v13

64. Guitar Ted with another finish line update

63. Guitar Ted with a finish line update

62. Ben Mullen is calling it a day

61. Jackson, Walter, Matt are at WalMart

60. Josh Peter, Sarah Cooper in farmhouse

59. Justin sounds good

58. Ben and Trent pushing on

57. Guitar Ted update

Saturday, April 29

56. Dan and Steve Checkpoint 2 update

55. Jess and Dory have multiple reports – Eating & Drinking, Mr. Bike Iowa, and where is GT???

54. Josh Peter is back with riders and enjoys Casey’s General Store

53. Laurel from Scottsdale is cheering them on

52. Dan and Steve from Checkpoint 2

51. Andy Christman calls in with thanks

50. Josh Peter is getting weird at the Cumming Tap

49. Guitar Ted is back with an update

48. Dan gives an update from Checkpoint 2

47. Derek Henry and Andy Christman won’t make the checkpoint and are done

46. A fan calling in from Arizona

45. Dan from Checkpoint 2 with an update

44. Ben Mullen and Trent Hovenga are somewhere

43. Jim Philips calls it

42. Scott Ryder is regrouping

41. Derek Henry and Andy Christman continue on…crushing pizza

40. Eric Schmidgall has some things going on

39. Derrick Brown and gang

38. Guitar Ted update

37. Josh Peter and Scott are getting buck wild

36. James is still out there

35. Derek Henry and Andy Christman are eating pizza and feeling good

34. Guitar Ted update

33. Eric is leaving Madrid

32. Jim Phillips is rolling out of Madrid

31. Jim Phillips

30. Ben Mullen is suited up and ready to hit the rain

29. Guitar Ted with updates

28. Josh Peter is going to his secret weapon

27. Scott Ryder reporting some sleet

26. Lee, Brett, and Scott sound like they’re at a party

25. Zach likes tailwinds

24. Andy Christman is battling the wind with Heavy D

23. James Nixon heading toward Checkpoint 2

22. Dave was not feeling good

21. Guitar Ted’s update

20. Jess and the Checkpoint Crew gives their report

19. Derek Henry is getting refreshed at Checkpoint 1

18. Scott Ryder at Checkpoint 1

17. Josh is blowing through his gummy worms too fast

16. Guitar Ted from Checkpoint 1

15. Guitar Ted reports on some leaders

14. Guitar Ted is in the WIND

13. Jim Phillips is rolling

12. Guitar Ted – Let’s Get The Party Started!

11. Ben Mullen sounds positive

10. Guitar Ted first thing in the morning

9. Someone sounds excited

Friday, April 28

8. Jim Phillips bringing his style to the updates…

7. Guitar Ted checks in with an update

6. Derrick Brown has endured his snafus so far

5. Ben Mullen just finished up his panic shopping

4. Guitar Ted gives his first check in

3. Josh Peter checking in and thankful for a new bike

2. Timothy Steven is getting ready to go

 Thursday, April 27

  1. Derek Henry and Andy Christman check in on the way to Iowa





Get a feeling for Trans Iowa by watching “300 Miles of Gravel.” Check out the trailer here:

300 Miles of Gravel Trailer from Jeff Frings Photography on Vimeo.



Sunday, April 24

114. Crystal Wintle finishes…but after the cut-off. (4/24 at 3:45pm)

113. Joe Frost checks in after his race and gives his thanks (4/24 at 3:35pm)

112. Guitar Ted concludes the 2016 Trans Iowa (4/24 at 2:10pm)

111. Vince Cox from the finish (4/24 at 12:20pm)

110. Jim Phillips takes you across the finish line (4/24 at 11:11am)

109. Trenton Raygor slaying the dragon that is Trans Iowa. 3rd place singlespeed. (4/24 at 10:31am)

108. Guitar Ted update (4/24 at 8:27am)

107. Crystal Wintle is going slow but it’s going well (4/24 at 8:13am)

106. Dan Buettner is sounding good and riding with Al Brunner (4/24 at 7:23am)

105. John Bloom is eating a burrito and slept in the ditch (4/24 at 6:53am)

104. Will Ritchie ends his day with a mechanical (4/24 at 6:52am)

103. Guitar Ted with more results – Women’s Winner (4/24 at 6:29am)

102. “The” Guitar Ted is getting tired…more finisher info (4/24 at 6:03am)

101. Guitar Ted has the winners (4/24 at 4:13am)

100. Bill, Special K, and Brian G – things are getting weird (4/24 at 3:22am)

99. Warren Wiebe calls in from the land of the sleeping in the ditch people (4/24 at 3:01am)

98. Jim Phillips puked (4/24 at 2:56am)

97. Guitar Ted gives the number of people left and an update on leaders (4/24 at 1:05am)

96. Dan Buettner is tired, but optimistic (4/24 at 1:01am)


Saturday, April 23

95. Jess is calling in for Scott Sumpter. He’s planning to finish in the early morning. (4/23 at 11:35pm)

94. Guitar Ted checks in (4/23 at 10:39pm)

93. Crystal Wintle is digging the night (4/23 at 10:24pm)

92. Dan Buettner finds it lonely out there (4/23 at 9:00pm)

91. Jason Kulma sounds good (4/23 at 8:40pm)

90. Matthew Kutilek has 100 miles left (4/23 at 8:23pm)

89. The supporters call back in (4/23 at 8:13pm)

88. Jim Phillips – have a good night Jim! (4/23 at 8:12pm)

87. A group of TI supporters calls in (4/23 at 8:09pm)

86. Ben Shockey is getting a quick bite to eat (4/23 at 8:04)

85. Bill Graves is getting ready for the night (4/23 at 7:45pm)

84. John VanDis is going into the wind with a team effort (4/23 at 7:41pm)

83. Robert Frye officially closes CP2! (4/23 at 7:35pm)

82. Guitar Ted gives some info on the leaders (4/23 at 7:29pm)

81. Guitar Ted checks in and he has numbers (4/23 at 6:45pm)




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