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***PLEASE NOTE – JANUARY 28, 2020: This page is out of date. We’re working to update this. Please stay tuned***

This list of gravel tires below is meant to be a reference guide of gravel tires that you could use for your mixed surface adventures. It will include tires that may fall under a different category of cycling (cyclocross or, in some cases, mountain bike), as well as those that are designed, tested, and produced specifically for mixed surfaces such as gravel riding and racing.

Riding Gravel realizes that ANY tire could be used on gravel/dirt roads. This list reflects those tires that are either marketed/designed/universally known as “gravel” specific designs, or have a suggested use in that category by the manufacturer.

If you know of a tire that you think should be added to this page, please contact us.


ArisunGravel Plus 38 w/ ND7003848560NREVIEW
ArisunGravel Plus 38 w/ ND+70038455120NREVIEW
ArisunGravel Plus 38 w/ Aramid70038425120YREVIEW
ArisunGravel Plus 38 w/ RSD+70038515120YREVIEW
ArisunGravel Plus 40 w/ ND7004050560NREVIEW
ArisunGravel Plus 40 w/ ND+70040475120NREVIEW
ArisunGravel Plus 4070040445120YREVIEW
ArisunGravel Plus 40 w/RSD+70040535120YREVIEW
Bruce GordonRock N' Road650b43Y
Bruce GordonRock N' Road70043540N
Challenge TiresStrada Bianca Tubular (10607)70030390260N
Challenge TiresAlmanzo Tubular70033390260N
Challenge TiresStrada Bianca Open Tubular70030355260N
Challenge TiresStrada Bianca Open Tubular70036375260N
Challenge TiresAlmanzo Open Tubular70033385260N
Challenge TiresGravel Grinder Open Tubular70036355260N
Challenge TiresStrada Bianca70033355120N
Challenge TiresGravel Grinder RACE70033365120NBUY
Challenge TiresGravel Grinder RACE 70038375120NBUY
Challenge TiresGravel Grinder PLUS7003336560N
Challenge TiresGravel Grinder PLUS7003839560N
DonnellyX'Plor MSO7003260NBUY
DonnellyX'Plor MSO70032120NBUY
DonnellyX'Plor MSO70036YREVIEW
DonnellyX'Plor MSO7004060NBUY
DonnellyX'Plor MSO70040120NBUY
DonnellyX'Plor MSO7005060N
DonnellyX'Plor MSO70050Y
DonnellyX'Plor MSO6504260N
DonnellyX'Plor MSO65042Y
DonnellyX'Plor USH70035120NBUY
DonnellyX'Plor USH7003560NBUY
DonnellyStrada USH6504260N
DonnellyStrada USH65042120N
DonnellyStrada USH65042Y
DonnellyStrada USH7003234160Y
CompassElk Pass Extralight2631.8 (1.25in)178N
CompassMcClure Pass2638 (1.5in)366N
CompassNaches Standard2645.7 (1.8in)350Y
CompassNaches Extralight2645.7 (1.8in)300Y
CompassRat Trap Pass Standard2653-54454Y
CompassRat Trap Pass Extralight2653-54418Y
CompassLoup Loup Pass Standard650b38354N
CompassLoup Loup Pass Extralight650b38333N
CompassBabyshoe Pass Standard650b42390N
CompassBabyshoe Pass Extralight650b42362N
CompassSwitchback Hill Standard650b48478Y
CompassSwitchback Hill Extralight650b48413Y
CompassGrand Bois Hetre650b42412N
CompassStampede Pass Standard70032291N
CompassStampede Pass Extralight70032254N
CompassBon Jon Pass Standard70035355Y
CompassBon Jon Pass Extralight70035303Y
CompassBarlow Pass Standard70038461Y
CompassBarlow Pass Extralight70038417Y
CompassSteilacoom Pass Standard70038423Y
CompassSteilacoom Extralight70038378Y
CompassSnoqualmie Pass Standard70044378Y
CompassSnoqualmie Pass Extralight70044329Y
KendaFlintridge Pro70035481120YBUY
KendaFlintridge Pro70040515120YBUY
MaxxisRe-Fuse27.550.8 (2in)61060YBUY
PanaracerComet Hardpack70038475YREVIEW
PanaracerGravel King70023220126NBUY
PanaracerGravel King70026240126NBUY
PanaracerGravel King70028270126NBUY
PanaracerGravel King70032290126NBUYREVIEW
PanaracerGravel King65038310126N
PanaracerGravel King65042350126N
PanaracerGravel King65048520Y
PanaracerGravel King SK70026270126NBUY
PanaracerGravel King SK70032320126NBUY
PanaracerGravel King SK70035380126NBUY
PanaracerGravel King SK70038440YBUY
PanaracerGravel King SK70043490YBUYREVIEW
PanaracerGravel King SK65048540Y
PanaracerGravel King Mud70033300N
PanaracerGravel King Mud70035360N
PanaracerPacenti Pari-Moto65038300120NBUY
PanaracerPacenti Pari-Moto65042330120NBUY
PanaracerPacenti Pari-Moto65048500120NBUY
PanaracerComet Hard Pack70038465N
SchwalbeMarathon Almotion262.15inY
SchwalbeMarathon Almotion27.52inY
SchwalbeMarathon Almotion70038Y
SchwalbeMarathon Almotion70051Y
SchwalbeMarathon Almotion70055Y
SchwalbeMarathon Series - Various Non TubelessVariousRoad through MountainNBUY
SchwalbeG-One Speed27.52.35YBUY
SchwalbeG-One Speed70035YBUY
SchwalbeG-One Speed292.35Y
SchwalbeG-One Allround65040Y
SchwalbeG-One Allround27.52.8Y
SchwalbeG-One Allround70035400127YBUY
SchwalbeG-One Allround70038460127YBUY
SchwalbeSammy Slick70035N
SchwalbeThunder Burt27.52.1Y
SchwalbeThunder Burt292.1127YBUY
SomaSupple Vitesse SL70048370Y
SomaSupple Vitesse EX70048410Y
SomaCazadero 700x5070050570Y
SpecializedTrigger Tubular70033420260N
SpecializedTrigger Pro 2Bliss Ready7003335560Y
SpecializedTrigger Pro 2Bliss Ready7003849060Y
SpecializedTrigger Sport7003340560N
SpecializedTrigger Sport7003851560N
SpecializedTrigger Sport7004256060N
SpecializedTrigger Sport7004759560N
SpecializedRoubaix Pro 2BR70032375120Y
SpecializedSawthooth 2BR6501.75 120Y
SpecializedSawthooth 2BR70042615120Y
SurlyKnard 650 x 41650b4143160N
SurlyKnard 700 x 4170041650
SurlyKnard 700 x 417004168060N
SurlyKnard 700 x 4170041442120N
TeravailCannonball Premium70038510120YBUYREVIEW
TeravailCannonball Premium70042120Y
TeravailGalena Premium70032320120YBUY
TeravailRampart (Tough)6504760Y
TeravailSparwood2956 (2.2in)69060Y
TeravailSparwood Premium2956 (2.2in)750120Y
TerreneElwood 650 (Tough)6504752560YBUYREVIEW
TerreneElwood 650 (Light)65047430120YBUYREVIEW
TerreneRampart (Light)6504760Y
TerreneElwood (Tough)7004051560YBUYREVIEW
TerreneElwood (Light)70040430120YBUYREVIEW
TerreneHonali (DuraTough)7004060YREVIEW
TerreneHonali (Tough)7004060YREVIEW
TerreneHonali (DuraTough)7005060YREVIEW
TerreneHonali (Tough)7005060YREVIEW
Vee TireRail70040440120Y
Vee TireRail70040440120Y
Vee TireT-CX650b53 (2.1in)670120Y
Vee TireT-CX70033400120Y
Vee TireT-CX70040590120Y
Vee TireXCX650b49.5 (1.95in)730120Y
Vee TireXCX70033400120Y
Vee TireXCX70040500120Y
Vee TireXCX2944.5 (1.75in)580120Y
Vee TireXCX2949.5 (1.95in)750120Y
Vee TireCXV70033400120Y
VittoriaAdventure Trail2644.5 (1.75in)69030N
VittoriaAdventure Trail7003575030NBUY
VittoriaAdventure Trail7003575030YBUY
VittoriaTerreno Dry70031400Y
VittoriaTerreno Dry70033410Y
VittoriaTerreno Dry70040460Y
VittoriaTerreno Dry Tubular70031460320N/A
VittoriaTerreno Mix70031380Y
VittoriaTerreno Mix70033420Y
VittoriaTerreno Mix70040480Y
VittoriaTerreno Mix Tubular70031440320N/A
VittoriaTerreno Mix Tubular70033445320N/A
VittoriaTerreno Wet70031390Y
VittoriaTerreno Wet70033420Y
VittoriaTerreno Wet70040500Y
VittoriaTerreno Wet Tubular70031445320N/A
WTBNano 40c Race70040470NBUYREVIEW
WTBNano 40c Comp70040550NREVIEW
WTBRiddler 37c70037YBUYREVIEW
WTBRiddler 45c70045560YBUYREVIEW

28 thoughts on “Gravel Tire Finder

  1. Has anyone published hard data on decreased rolling resistance on tubeless with sealant vs tubed or latex tubed tires? For all the trouble they can be there should be hard data to show the techniques worth.

  2. Tubeless: This ground has been run over before with regard to 26 and 29 inch mountain bike tires and now with fat bike tires and mixed surface tires. Here’s what you are up against, as far as determining any data worth relying on-

    When a “system” does not exist for a certain type of tire, and when a construction technique for manufacturing tires is not taking tubeless use into consideration, you have a situation where there are so many variables that cannot be controlled that saying “X” tire is good for tubeless and “performs in a certain manner” is not reliable information. To wit: Clement MSO 40mm tires have a very mixed reputation as a tubeless tire. Some riders report fantastic results, some riders have weeping issues, some riders have the tires fail due to blow offs and/or casing delamination issues. Construction technique, rim choices, and sealant compositions all play into this.

    Riding Gravel would love to provide all of you with a set of tires and rims that “work tubeless”, however; as with the previous examples of fat bike tires, 29″er tires, and 26″er tires before that, until there are industry standard systems in place, it is beyond the scope of us here to figure out the literally thousands of combinations for a tubeless set up.

    We may give a tire a “reputation” comment, but do not look for us to say definitively that any non-tubeless tire on any rim is “good/better/best” than any other offerings used tubeless. There are reasons no one publishes this sort of data “officially”, and we are quite aware of them.

    There will be tubeless system tires soon. Bontrager, WTB, and others are working on/already have components in place, but this tubeless tires for mixed surface use is in its infancy and will be a very quick to change landscape in the coming years. If mixed surface riding catches the manufacturers attention due to potential sales numbers, this will happen sooner than later.

    We will do our best to stay on top of this moving beast. Thanks for all the interest so far!

  3. I for one am really looking forward to the tire finder promised on this page. No other part of my bike elicits so much angst over making the right choice.

    One thing that would be really nice is a way to place a given tire on the spectrum from 100% smooth road to 100% dirt.

    Almost everything of interest here falls in between, but some are closer to one end or the other. For example, I ride about 50% pavement and hard packed dirt for the rest, so I am usually looking at tires like Paselas or the Compass line. Others seem to be looking for almost MTB tires like the WTB Nano, which is much too slow for me.

    A rating on this scale would be a lot more useful to me than a tubeless rating.

    1. Again, thanks AddisonRamblr. Very much appreciated. I would tend to agree with you on the rating. Tubeless, while it may be helpful, isn’t really the most useful rating, especially as it becomes more standard.

  4. Awesome and thanks for putting this all together! I’ll be in the market for tubeless very soon and this will be a helpful reference list.

    FWIW, VeeTire has a few models such as the Rail or XCX that look like they would feel right at home here.

  5. I enjoyed using the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial in a 47x700c size.

    It’s a Kevlar belted and beaded folding clincher.

    The tire also comes in many other sizes and thread counts and tread patterns as well as puncture resistance and bead material.

    I found your list to lump att the many varied tires available is to miss many great tire options, and is far too abreviated.

    I feel your list is the poorer for it.

  6. I enjoyed using the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial in a 47x700c size.

    It’s a Kevlar belted and beaded folding clincher.

    The tire also comes in many other sizes and thread counts and tread patterns as well as puncture resistance and bead material.

    I found your list to lump all the many varied tires available from Schwalbe in this area is to miss many great tire options, and is far too abreviated.

    I feel your list is the poorer for it.

  7. Very good compilation of tires! I found out about Teravail thanks to this site. Now I’ve just installed Teravail Lickskillet 32 mm 120 tpi on my Specialized Diverge Expert on which I have a pair of NoxComposites A36D wheels. I run them tubeless @ 50/63 psi (front/rear) and they measure 33,5 mm wide on these 28 mm rims. Very nice pair of tires.

  8. I use Schwalbe Thunder Burt 27.5x 2.1 LiteSkin and love them! Using them tubeless with Orange Seal sealant. Roll great on pavement and hard pack and grip great in the turns on trails and gravel. I’m using the LiteSkin which tend to weep a little on the sidewalls at first but set up fine tubeless. They are available in SnakeSkin tubeless easy 2.1 and 2.25 width. Also available in 29 x 2.1 and 2.25 LiteSkin and SnakeSkin. Really good for a do it all tire if you don’t want to have to constantly change tires for different conditions. I use them in dry, wet, muddy, packed sand, and on pavement. They handle everything well. I’m sure other tires probably do each situation better but for someone like me that doesn’t have different wheel sets and doesn’t want to constantly change tires this does the trick.

  9. Recently purchased Hutchinson override in 700×38 in part for the low weight. When unpacked tire actual weight is 475 grams, not stated 375 grams.

  10. The listing is very useful to me. I am feeling happy with the Schwalbe Marathon Mondial in a 47x700c size.
    The tire lists are enhanced my confidence.

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