• Gravel Grinder News: New Bar Tape from Wolf Tooth – New Storage Items From KOM
    In today’s Gravel Grinder News we have a new handle bar tape offering from Wolf Tooth and some new on-bike storage solutions from KOM Cycling. Let’s dig in…..
  • “Episode #83 – Bobby Kennedy of Salty & Stupid Cycling”
    THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY BIKE RAGS Get 10% off from Andy’s Bike Shop – Use code RidingGravel Andy and Guitar Ted get a chance…
  • Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H Tires: At The Finish
    So who is this tire for…..They are the kind of rider that wants a bullet-proof, easy tubeless set up, a tire that doesn’t require baby-sitting in terms of air pressure retention, and a tire that wears well. That is a tough combination to get right, but I believe that Pirelli did get this right with the Cinturato Gravel H tires.
  • Gravel Grinder News: HED Wheels Debuts Emporia GC3 Carbon Wheelset
    HED Wheels, the Minnesota U.S.A. based maker of wheels, perhaps best known for their aerodynamic qualities, has released a new wheel in their Emporia range today. Dubbed the Emporia GC3, it features design cues from HED’s Vanquish RC Pro and Vanquish RC Pro Performance Series wheels and has a 30mm rim depth.
  • Panaracer Gravel King SK+ 650B Tires: At The Finish
    So, who is this tire best suited for? I believe that the way Panaracer has made this tire and the way that they market it as the “strongest version of the GravelKing SK..”speaks to a cyclist who craves a reliable tire with volume for rougher surfaces and/or heavy loads.
  • “Episode #82 – It’s Been A While!”
    THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY BIKE RAGS Get 10% off from Andy’s Bike Shop – Use code RidingGravel Andy and Guitar Ted remind you to…
  • Bontrager Foray Shoes: Getting Rolling
    There seems to be a run on green shoes of late as these are the second set I have seen in green….and I like it. Great color, in my opinion. But is it a great shoe?
  • GORE Spring Wear For Gravel: Getting Rolling
    GORE has been winning with me of late with clothing that really has been working well. This, after some other items that were real misses, has been a great surprise and has filled out my go-to list of staple clothing quite nicely.
  • Lizard Skins DSP V2 4.6mm Handle Bar Tape: Quick Review
    Riding with the thicker DSP V2 tape was nice in that there was a bit of a reduction in buzz and the tape had a very noticeable give. It should be noted, however, that thicker tape means that your handlebar grip diameter will be larger. This may or may not be a positive for you.
  • Gravel Grinder News: Roval Debuts New Terra CL Wheels
    Today Roval announces two new wheel sets based off their flagship Terra CLX wheels. The goal was to bring carbon fiber wheels and Roval’s design ethos down to price ranges which should be a bit easier on the budget for many more riders than the range topping CLX wheels. Additionally, Roval has a new flared drop bar made in carbon fiber to talk about.
  • Get Off The Couch And Ride! Why You Need A Bike Fit
    The final video in our “Get Off The Couch And Ride!” series is all about bike fit and why you need one. In this episode, Pat Casey of Peak State Fit walks Salty and Stupid Cycling’s Bobby Kennedy through a bike fit. Meanwhile, Pat shares why a bike fit is not just for racers. Anyone can benefit from being professionally fitted.