• Craft Cadence Handle Bar Bag: Getting Rolling
    The over-all shape of this bag is unusual, being that it sets on the bike flatter against the head tube and reaches downward toward the front wheel, rather than setting outward, or lengthwise, as many other bar bags do. It is more like a handbag in that way than anything I’ve seen for a bicycle.
  • “Episode #92 – Red Bull, Mike’s, Shipping, Honey & More”
    THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY BIKE RAGS Get 10% off from Andy’s Bike Shop – Use code RidingGravel Guitar Ted and Andy chat about some…
  • Gravel Grinder News: Whisky Spano Drop Bar & American Classic Tires
    News on two new products for gravel fanatics comes today with the release of Whisky Parts Co. “Spano” drop bar and a surprise American Classic…
  • “Episode #91 – Dan Roberts of the Snaggy Ridge 105”
    THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY BIKE RAGS Get 10% off from Andy’s Bike Shop – Use code RidingGravel The guys are joined by Dan Roberts…
  • Gravel Grinder News: GPS Navigation News, Craft Cadence Gear & More
    In today’s Gravel Grinder News we have a new Ride With GPS feature debuting and news about review items from Craft cadence. Plus we have information regarding a new gravel grinder to be held in Southwestern Texas in November. Let’s jump in!
  • Astral Wanderlust Wheels: Getting Rolling
    There have been a lot of recent reports and discussions on how much of a difference ‘better’ wheels make on a bicycle and if they are worth the cost of the upgrade. Do lighter wheels actually matter? Is aero everything? Are red hubs really faster?
  • WTB CZR Wheels: Checkpoint
    The WTB CZR wheels not only are light weight, very competitively priced, and super-subtle in looks, but have excellent lateral rigidity which enhances handling and reduces rider fatigue.
  • Honeybutt Chamois Creme: Quick Review
    Honeybutt Chamois Creme: Quick Review – by Guitar Ted The subject of chamois creme is rarely talked about in casual conversation, with some exceptions, of…
  • Bontrager Foray Shoes: At The Finish
    You know how sometimes a product leaves you with that “Just OK” feeling? It’s not bad, but never quite gets to great either, just kind of lives in the middle ground? That, for me, has been the Foray gravel/MTB shoes from Bontrager.
  • Gravel Grinder News: New Dura-Ace, Ultegra Show Hints Of Gravel Tech Future
    Our look at the new Dura-Ace and Ultegra 12 speed and what- if any- implications it may have for a future GRX offering, and gravel tech in general.
  • Finish Line FiberLink Sealant: Getting Rolling
    Finish Line’s new FiberLink sealant is a latex based sealant that acts a lot like what you would expect. Initial set up remind me very much of how the competion’s latex selant formula sets up tires, and that is a good thing.