• Gravel Grinder News: Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame Announced
    Today it has been announced that a “Gravel Cycling Hall of Fame” organization, and in the future, a physical home for the hall, will operate out of Emporia, Kansas
  • WTB Vulpine Tires: At The Finish
    This tire is kind of an oddball in WTB’s line up. The other SG2 cut protected tires I’ve tried are good, but this Vulpine is so much nicer riding
  • Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Helmet: Quick Review
    The Bontrager Circuit WaveCel helmet is a lighter, sleeker offering with the added protection that the WaveCel liner affords a rider.
  • Finish Line FiberLink Sealant: At The Finish
    Okay, so FiberLink seems to have an impressive lifespan, it seems to have a pretty good ability to clog a sealant injector nozzle, so I assume a good performance in the field, and it seals up tire casings quite nicely. But, is it a better choice than the most popular brands?
  • GORE C5 GTX Thermo Jacket: Quick Review
    What don’t I like? It’s black and that scares me a bit for daytime use on trafficked roads although it sure looks good. And at my age, I need all the sexy I can get. But not DEAD sexy.
  • Riding Gravel RX
    From time to time, I have experienced great joy along when mountaineering or riding gravel…. but this summer took such experiences to another level.
  • Lead Out Bags: Quick Review
    A hundy gets you a couple of bags from a small US company looking to make a dent in the industry, seemingly off to a good start.
  • Kenda Alluvium Pro Tires: At The Finish
    But I really would like to try these with a good sprinkling of ‘pixie dust’ on them. A dust that would allow the tire to give me a more compliant ride across all conditions.
  • Grepp Handle Bar Tape: At The Finish
    Grepp Handle Bar Tape: At The Finish – by Guitar Ted The unusual Grepp Handle Bar Tape has been used on three different bicycles in…
  • A Spectrum Of Lights: The Amazon Lights
    A causal search of Amazon for bike lights will show a huuuuge availability of lights…small to large…pretty much all from China, and at reduced prices compared to the mainstream brands. Like really reduced.
  • Ergon SR Allroad Core Comp Saddle: At The Finish
    Folks looking for a better saddle in 2022 and beyond really need to make an effort to try out these Allroad saddles from Ergon. They are not like the old Ergon saddles, (which is good), and they deliver on the promise of great fit and comfort on gravel.