This list of bikes below is meant to be a reference guide of bikes that are designed, tested, and produced by large manufacturers and small builders with gravel, all road, back road, and/or mixed terrain in mind. We understand that there is a lot of grey area with gravel bikes, but we wanted to provide you with a list of bikes that would be fit the in between realm of not-quite-traditional-road-cycling and not-quite-traditional-mountain-biking. This can and will include “all arounder”/”back road”/”gravel bike”/etc. bikes. 

Instead of simply putting this list altogether to just tell you what we think, we want to include you, the Riding Gravel community, in the process. So, if there is one that you think needs to be added, please contact us or leave a message in the comments at the bottom of the page.


Alchemy BicycleAithonCarbon
Alchemy BicycleKonisSteel
All City CyclesMacho KingSteel
All City CyclesMacho Man DiscSteel
All City CyclesSpace HorseSteel
Argon 18XRoadCarbonLINK
Bianchi USAAll RoadAluminum
Bianchi USAZolderCarbon
Bianchi USAZurigoAluminum
Black Mountain CyclesBlack Mountain CyclesSteel
Bombtrack Bicycle CoHook 1Steel
Bombtrack Bicycle CoHook 2Steel
Bombtrack Bicycle CoHook 3Carbon
Bombtrack Bicycle CoBeyondSteel
Boulder BicycleBolder BicycleSteel
Box Dog BikesPelicanSteel
Bruce Gordon CyclesRock'n Road Monster CrossSteel
Bruce Gordon CyclesRock'n Road TourSteel
BullsDaily GrinderAluminum
BullsGrinder 1Aluminum
BullsGrinder 2AluminumLINK
CaminadeGravel EspressoSteel
Eddy MerckxStrasbourg71Aluminum
ElephantNational Forest ExplorerSteel
Foundry CyclesFlyoverTitanium
Foundry CyclesOverlandTitaniumLINK
Foundry CyclesCamrockCarbon
FujiAltamira CX 1.1Carbon
FujiAltamaira CX 1.3Carbon
FujiCross 1.1Aluminum
FujiCross 1.3Aluminum
FujiCross 1.5Aluminum
FujiTread 1.1 DiscAluminum
FujiTread 1.3 DiscAluminumLINK
FujiTread 1.5 DiscAluminum
FujiTread 1.7 DiscAluminum
FyxationFyxation CrusherCarbonLINK
Genesis BikesTour De Fer 10Steel
Genesis BikesTour De Fer 20Steel
Genesis BikesCroix De Fer 10Steel
Genesis BikesCroix De Fer 20Steel
Genesis BikesCroix De Fer 30Steel
Genesis BikesCroix De Fer DecadeSteel
Genesis BikesCroix De Fer TiTitanium
Genesis BikesVagabondSteel
GiantAnyRoad CoMaxCarbon
GiantTCX Advanced ProCarbonLINK
GiantTCX Advanced SXCarbon
GiantTCX SLRAluminumLINK
GiantBrava SLRAluminum
GiantInvite CoMaxCarbon
GT BicyclesGrade CarbonCarbonLINK
GT BicyclesGrade AluminumAluminumLINK
GravaMaple SallyCarbon
GravaThe RevenuerSteelLINK
Gunnar CyclesCrossHairsSteel
Gunnar CyclesRock TourSteel
Gunnar CyclesGrand TourSteel
KinesisTripster ACEAluminum
KinesisTripster ATRTitanium
KogaWorld Traveller 29Aluminum
KonaRove STSteel
KonaRove ALAluminumLINK
KonaRove TITitanium
Lightspeedku:wa adventureTitanium
LynskeyCooper CXTitaniumLINK
LynskeyPro CrossTitanium
Mango BikesPoint ARAluminum
Masi BicyclesCXRCarbon
Masi BicyclesCXGRSteel
Masi BicyclesCXSteelLINK
MarinFour CornersSteel
MootsRoutt 45TitaniumLINK
MootsPsychlo XTitanium
MootsPsychlo X RSLTitanium
New AlbionPrivateerSteel
NinerRLT 9AluminumLINK
NinerRLT 9 SteelSteelLINK
NinerBSB 9 RDOCarbonLINK
NorcoSearch CarbonCarbon
NorcoSearch AluminumAluminum
Ocean Air CyclesRamblerSteel
Open CyclesU.P. Unbeaten PathCarbon
PinnacleArkose SSAluminum
PinnacleArkose 1 (Womens)Aluminum
PinnacleArkose OneAluminum
PinnacleArkose TwoAluminum
PinnacleArkose ThreeAluminum
PinnacleArkose FourAluminum
PinnacleArkose 5Aluminum
Pivot CyclesVaultCarbonLINK
QuiringCustom TitaniumTitanium
QuiringCustom StainlessStainless
Raleigh BicyclesStuntsmenSteel
Raleigh BicyclesRoker LTDCarbonLINK
Raleigh BicyclesRoker CompCarbon
Raleigh BicyclesRoker SportCarbon
Raleigh BicyclesTamland 2SteelLINK
Raleigh BicyclesTamland 1SteelLINK
Raleigh BicyclesWillard 2AluminumLINK
Raleigh BicyclesWillard 1AluminumLINK
Raleigh BicyclesFurleySteel
Raleigh BicyclesTripperSteel
Raleigh BicyclesRoperSteel
Rawland CyclesRavnSteel
Rawland CyclesULVSteel
Riding In CirclesOSSOSteel
RidleyX TrailCarbonLINK
RidleyX Trail AlloyAluminum
RidleyX Bow AllroadAluminum
Salsa CyclesCutthroatCarbon
Salsa CyclesDeadwoodSteel
Salsa CyclesFargoSteel
Salsa CyclesPowderkegSteelLINK
Salsa CyclesVayaTitaniumLINK
Salsa CyclesWarbirdCarbonLINK
Santa CruzStigmataCarbon
ScottAddict GravelCarbonLINK
Shand CyclesStoaterSteel
Shand CyclesStoater RohloffSteel
Shand CyclesStooshieSteel
Shand CyclesStooshie RohloffSteel
SomaDouble CrossSteel
SomaGrand RandonneurSteel
SomaDouble Cross DiscSteel
Stinner FrameworksRefudioTitanium
Stinner FrameworksCaminoSteel
Surly BikesCross CheckSteel
Surly BikesCross Check SSSteel
Surly BikesStragglerSteelLINK
Surly BikesStraggler SSSteel
22 BicyclesDrifterTitanium
Trek520 DiscSteel
Trek720 DiscSteelLINK
Trek920 DiscSteel
TrekCrossRip CompAluminum
TrekCrossRip EliteAluminum
TrekCrossRip LTDAluminum
Twin SixStandard Ti RandoTitanium
Twin SixStandard Rando Complete (Black)SteelLINK
Twin SixStandard Rando Complete (Green)SteelLINK
Vandessel CyclesAloominatorAluminum
Vandessel CyclesFull Tilt BoogieCarbon
Vandessel CyclesWhiskey Tango FoxtrotSteel
Vassago CyclesDonnyBrookSteel
Vassago CyclesFisticuffSteel
Vassago CyclesTKO TitaniumTitaniumLINK
Velo OrangeCamargueSteel
Velo OrangeCampeurSteel
Velo OrangePass HunterSteel
Velo OrangePass Hunter DiscSteel
Velo OrangePioletSteel
VolagiViaje TiTitaniumLINK
VolagiViaje XLSteelLINK



Discuss and share your questions, thoughts, and details about any of these bikes and others on the Riding Gravel Forum.


57 thoughts on “

    1. Thanks. Like I said in our other comment discussion. I really want to include all of the “mixed terrain” “gravel” whatever you want to call it. I realize that there are a lot of people out there who have been doing this for a long time, use whatever bikes, etc. At the same time, numbers don’t lie as far as what people are interested in reading and hearing about and the events are very large and involve a lot of people. Hopefully this is a good resource for everyone and have options like the AWOL or Quick. I like the addition of having a share your converted section too – it’ll give people an idea of using what they may already have. Thanks for the feedback. – Ben

  1. Maybe have specs like bb height, tire size capable, brake type? Those are the things I’m most interested in. Fender mounts too?
    Great idea

  2. Surly CrossCheck and Straggler would seem to be pretty popular all roads bikes. I know I really like my CrossCheck and it has seen many different uses.

  3. I use my SuperX for gravel riding, I can just about fit 40 mm tires, 38mm is safer, the BB drop is 67mm, it’s got disks and no fender mounts.

  4. I have a Trek Crossrip that the dealer claimed was a mixed surface bike. Also ,the Fuji Thead

  5. Hi my name is Rich and I’m a gravel bikeaholic. I own 3 of the bikes on this list and am considering 2 more. I think I need an intervention.

  6. It’s funny how the Trek Crossrip shares the same traits as the Fuji tread, specialized diverge, gt grade, and even the salsa waybird. Yet it never makes the gravel list. What is wrong with the crossrip?

    1. Nothing wrong but with its relaxed geometry it’s more upright therefore not as attractive to racers. Sweet for casual rides though.I have the the Crossrip 3 and love it.

  7. I ride a Gunnar Fastlane with Ultegra 6800, TRP HY/RD disc brakes, Stans No Tube ZTR Crest Rims and Clement X’PLOR MSO 40mm tires with tubes. I have had a blast riding this bike. I can put on fenders and panniers if needed.

  8. I have been looking at REI’s Novara Safari. It has an 18.3 inch chainstays and room for 48 mm tires and is steel frame.

    A separate list for steel and alloy would help save some time.

  9. I don’t own or have ridden any of these, but spec wise I think they would fit pretty good:

    – Pinnacle Arkose (alloy)
    – Genesis Croix de Fer (steel or even titanium, depending on model) – they also have Carbon and alloy models in a category they call Adventure Multisport

  10. Gunnar also has Hyper-X, Hyper-XX and Hyper-XC, disc variants on their Crosshairs. The -XX and -XC use modular rear dropouts for various axle and caliper-mount options, future-proofing to a degree…

  11. Surly ogre is what I have been grinding on. It has giant tire clearance and all the mounts one could want. Won’t win the race but has proven to be comfortable for the haul. P.S. I love the site keep up the good work!

  12. Has anyone looked at Brodie’s line of bikes. Lots of choices in their line up that would make good gravel bikes. I have the Monster and it seems pretty great so far. Slightly on the heavy side at 27lbs, butI find it moves like a much lighter bike.

  13. Anyone heard of or ride Bearclaw Bicycle Co. gravel bikes? They are started to get pretty popular here in northern Michigan (where the company is based) but are also picking up traction throughout US, even internationally. I have yet to ride one, but would love to try out the Thunderhawk, their road plus titanium gravel bike.


  14. I am really glad I have found this information. Today bloggers publish only about gossip and internet stuff and this is really irritating. A good website with exciting content, this is what I need. Thank you for making this site, and I will be visiting again. Do you do newsletters by email?

  15. I would recommend adding the Lauf True Grit and the Trek Checkpoint to this database. Both are great bikes. The Lauf is built with carbon fiber while Checkpoint is available in both aluminum and carbon fibre models.

  16. Just built my first steel steed in this thing called GRAVEL! So, you guys gotta ADD the KNOLLY CACHE to the list, great in so many levels! Coming from the fat & squishy mountain bike side of things, this gravel thing has been quite rad in only 3 rides.

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