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Gravel Grinder News: Shimano Sunglasses, Ritchey Gravel Grips, Bookman Lights

The Gravel Grinder News is back with items from Shimano, Ritchey, and a set of lights from Sweden. Let’s get started

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Sigma ROX 4.0 GPS Cycling Computer: At The Finish

The Sigma ROX 4.0 has an attractive price and feature set.

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Shimano RX801 and RX8R Shoes: An Update

Since it is well below freezing most days now and since we’ve moved into our Winter attire for the time being, we thought we’d mention that we haven’t forgotten about this review, but we also are not done with the shoes yet.

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The DARE Golden Experience: Getting Rolling

What if you could take the personal touch up a couple of levels? What if you could actually visit the folks making your bike, meet them face to face, sit down over coffee, get a proper fit done, and work it all out?

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Update On The Riding Gravel Radio Ranch Podcast

n case you were wondering- and if you were not, we get it – but concerning the podcast, The “Riding Gravel Radio Ranch”, we had a big change happen ‘behind the curtains’, as it were, this past Summer.

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WTB Vulpine 700 X 40mm Tires: At The Finish

So, as it stands now, WTB has a 36mm and a 40mm Vulpine that would make for a fantastic tire for racing, and maybe it would work for adventurous types and everyday gravel riders if the terrain was tamer.

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Ergon BT OrthoCell Handlebar Pads: Getting Rolling

In the quest to reduce vibration induced rider fatigue, we have in for test and review the new Ergon BT OrthoCell handlebar pads.

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Shimano GRX Carbon Wheels: At The Finish

They aren’t flashy, but they will get the job done reliably and with a high degree of performance.

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Shimano RX801 and RX8R Shoes: Checkpoint

Maybe MG said it best when he said, “Light, stiff, comfortable… The RX8Rs have all three. I’m digging ’em.”

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PRO Smart Cage System: At The Finish

The PRO Smart Cage System streamlined my bike, made room for items that used to have to be crammed in with tubes and multi-tools, and it made sense to me.

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