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Topeak Pakgo Gearpack: Quick Review

he Pakgo Gearpack is a great way to keep organized – be that at home or on the go. It’s a nice item one could keep ready and whether you ride from home or grab the bag to hit a trail head, or a destination to cycle from, the Pakgo will make sure you have what you need to hand.

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Keepers: Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump

Classic design wasn’t compromised where it matters most with the Silca Pista Plus. The ‘guts’ of this pump are just like those of the past pumps Silca is famous for. That means that parts are available to repair this pump, when that time comes, but I know that occasional maintenance will put that day off for years- maybe over a decade.

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Roval Terra Carbon Post: At The Finish

I thoroughly enjoyed the ride quality of this seat post and I would not want to return to a more rigid type of post after having experienced the Terra Carbon

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Whisky Parts Milhouse & Winston Handlebars: At The Finish

Of course, high price cannot be forgotten, and if their is anything that makes these bars hard to consider it would be that barrier. However; try to find a competing product and it becomes apparent that if this idea is something that you’ve always wanted to see become available, well, here you go

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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Gravel Grinder News: Challenge Tires Debuts Getaway 700c X 40mm Tire

The Challenge Tire Getaway model is a welcomed addition to the range of fast, light, 38-42mm range of tires for gravel. It seems that this type and size range of gravel tires is not seeing a lot of new development lately with many companies focusing on larger tires not really focused on speed.

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Spinergy GXX Wheels: Checkpoint

The Spinergy GXX is a pretty good value for the dollar in terms of carbon rimmed wheels. You get a solid performing wheel set that will enhance ride quality and performance at the same time.

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Vee Tire Rocketman Tires: At The Finish

Overall, if you come across the Rocketman, you are looking at a decent tire with pretty good, but not outstanding, performance features that will serve you well on gravel and dirt. (If it is a 700c version)

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Archer Components’ D1x Trail Shifting System: At The Finish

As the system stands for the flat bar user, I think it presents a good value when you stack it against what is available for flat bar electronic shifting. The drop bar market will be another level altogether. Let’s see what happens, but this bears watching.

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WTB SG2 Gravel Tires: At The Finish

WTB has some really good non-puncture protected gravel/all road tires in their line, but there was no puncture protected version, until now. The SG2 gravel tires seem to be a good addition to the range as long as you understand that the width indicated on the side wall may not match the width of the tire in reality.

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