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WTB SG2 Gravel Tires: Getting Rolling

Riding Gravel was privileged to be one of the few that were granted access to some SG2 tires for testing previous to the announcement today. This means we have some impressions to share about these tires.

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Gravel Grinder News: Roval Terra Carbon Post

The Terra Carbon post looks like a standard carbon seat post, but this post has been designed with a special lay-up of carbon and has up to 18mm of vertical compliance, with the 20mm offset version, and is dependent upon the amount of seat post extension in a particular set up.

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Stolen Goat Apparel: Getting Rolling

Recently we were contacted by an apparel company going by the name of Stolen Goat. being the curious type, I had to investigate this further. What I found out was that Stolen Goat was about helping people find happier and healthier lifestyles via sporting activities. Specifically cycling.

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Rudy Project Cutline Sunglasses: Checkpoint

Recently I introduced the Rudy Project Cutline sunglasses which are still under review here. After a good month or so of rides, I am back to give you my thoughts on how they are performing for me

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Gravel Grinder News: HED Wheels Announces Emporia Gravel Wheel Line

HED Wheels today announced a new wheel to their gravel road wheel line and a name change for the range overall. The wheels formerly known as Eroica will now be known as ‘Emporia’ wheels, reflecting the grassroots beginnings of the USA’s gravel scene.

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Twin Six Standard Rando v2; Quick Review

Recently Twin Six, the apparel company from Minneapolis, Minnesota, introduced their new update to the Standard Rando, a bike we have reviewed in the past. The company, known mostly for their fashionable threads, might not be on your radar for a bicycle, but after reading this review, you may change that viewpoint.

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Handske Gloves: Quick Review

Handske Gloves was started because the company’s founders saw a “category that was being overlooked and taken for granted”. Started in 2018 with a Kickstarter campaign, Handske Gloves exists to “design and make high-performance cycling gloves to keep you cool, comfortable, and in control for any discipline while keeping you looking great on the bike.”

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Hutchinson Touareg Tires: Checkpoint

It’s a compelling tire. Other than the sand issue, it’s a good sized tire, it rolls well, grips well, excels in rougher conditions, and holds air nicely.

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Viathon G1 Bike: Getting Rolling

While there is a connection to Walmart, in corporate terms, that’s where the connection ends. These Viathon bikes are high quality, serious bicycles and the team that makes up the brand reflects this with their experience in the cycling industry.

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Atomik/Berd Ultimate Gravel Wheels: Getting Rolling

The Atomik/Berd Ultimate wheels are made with a somewhat familiar rim material, but laced with the unusual Berd spokes, which have claims of lighter weight, but more importantly, strength and damping qualities for the rider. At a starting price of $1700.00 for a wheel set and up, depending upon options spec’ed, the Atomik rims with these Berd spokes have some stiff competition, so the claims are important.

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