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Ergon GP1 Evo Grips: Quick Review

Kudos to the Ergon team, and a heartfelt “Thank You!” for keeping the GP1 going and now made better with the Evo edition.

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Bookman Volume Light: Quick Review

I love the “volume knob” concept. Finally, a light I don’t have to tab through a menu button to get to the light setting I want. A simple twist and you are there.

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Fizik Antares, Vento Argus Saddles & Terra Atlas Shoes – Quick Review

Before we dive in, let me restate the obvious. Saddles are a very individual item, in that one person may love a certain one and the next person hate it.

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Pearl Izumi Clothing: Quick Review

After a lot of rides since the spring and lots of wash cycles, etc, they both are holding up well!

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Lilly Lube: Quick Review

A few years back, I hit up my shop mechanic, Jeremy Hutsell, for his thoughts on which lube to try. Jeremy handed me a bottle of Lilly Lube.

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Showers Pass Ultralight Wind Jacket: Quick Review

In the end the Showers Pass Ultralight Wind Jacket is a “good” item and mostly because it is so easy to pack away, deploy, wear, and repack, that I would choose it for any longer adventure where I was expecting cooler, windy conditions.

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WTB Gravelier Saddle: A SoCal Perspective

When I first saw it upon delivery to the vast and sprawling Grannygear Rancho, I thought, “Meh…looks a bit short and such…”

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WTB Gravelier Saddle: Quick Review

Of course, all saddle reviews are subjective, but for me the Gravelier ranks right up there with my current favorite gravel saddles….

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Ergon BT OrthoCell Handlebar Pads: Quick Review

In the end, I feel that amongst the options available in handle bar padding, the Ergon BT Orthocell pads are a better solution due to not only being a vibration reduction choice, but in that the pads reduce pressure points.

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A Box Full Of Topeak: At The Finish

After a couple of months of living with this stuff, I have my final verdict on each product ready to go now.

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