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Ride Report: Riding Gravel in the Carrizo Plains

Located roughly between the farmlands of Bakersfield and the Central Coast of California is an area that I had heard of but never been to. It is not a place one would just drive by on the way to somewhere because it is pretty much in the middle of the proverbial nowhere.

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Gravel Grinder News: Sea Otter Review 2022

Sea Otter Classic, I did miss you! It had been a long time since I had trod the gravel paths and grassy patches, passing all those vendors in pop up tents, each one hoping for good return on their investment. It was, based on what I saw, a good show.

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A Spectrum Of Lights: Outbound Lighting

You would think by this time I would have enough lights in my light box for just about anything, but no. Not quite.

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Q & A With Enduro Bearings’ Matt Harvey

Q & A With Enduro Bearings’ Matt Harvey – by Grannygear Enduro BearingsBearings. Those hidden, greasy, spinning balls of mystery. Who can really know them?…

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Astral Handle Bar Bag: Quick Review

“…the Astral handle bar bag is really quite good. It is easy to get into and is a very useful size.”

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WTB Vulpine Tires: At The Finish

This tire is kind of an oddball in WTB’s line up. The other SG2 cut protected tires I’ve tried are good, but this Vulpine is so much nicer riding

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Bontrager Circuit WaveCel Helmet: Quick Review

The Bontrager Circuit WaveCel helmet is a lighter, sleeker offering with the added protection that the WaveCel liner affords a rider.

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GORE C5 GTX Thermo Jacket: Quick Review

What don’t I like? It’s black and that scares me a bit for daytime use on trafficked roads although it sure looks good. And at my age, I need all the sexy I can get. But not DEAD sexy.

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Lead Out Bags: Quick Review

A hundy gets you a couple of bags from a small US company looking to make a dent in the industry, seemingly off to a good start.

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Kenda Alluvium Pro Tires: At The Finish

But I really would like to try these with a good sprinkling of ‘pixie dust’ on them. A dust that would allow the tire to give me a more compliant ride across all conditions.

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