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WTB CZR Wheels: At The Finish

I give the CZR wheels a ‘highly recommended’ score here. While certain singular features on competitor’s products may seem more appealing, the CZR wheels have a complete feature set, are a part of a systemic tubeless range, which not many other choices in wheels can lay claim to, and a wheel set which performs at a very high level in very demanding conditions.

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WTB Sealant: Getting Rolling

ealant is a lot like tires are when it comes to opinions. What is legend and what is fact gets lost in the passionate takes some folks have concerning which one is ‘best’. So, as far as this opening introduction goes for this new sealant from WTB, many of you may, no doubt, dismiss it out of hand because of your choices. That’s fine. This review is not being done to evangelize anyone. But those who have a more open mind to new ideas should read on.

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Lizard Skins Glove Sampler : Quick Review

Lizard Skins was kind enough to supply a couple of the new offerings for 2021 in their cycling glove line. One pair is long fingered and one pair is short fingered and both are what I would call a light weight glove as far as warmth/fabric. I have used them for a bit now, one pair much more than the others…see below about that…and here are my thoughts.

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Craft Cadence Recycled Performance Jersey : Getting Rolling

The Craft Cadence Recycled Performance Jersey comes to us with a responsibly sourced material used to make a racy-snug fitting jersey which promises to have a performance to match its cut.

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A Spectrum Of Lights: A Riding Gravel Round-Up – Part 2

Thank you for joining me for Part 2 of this Round-Up. Hit that link above if you need to read Part 1 yet. Now then, let’s get back to the lights at hand. I am just doing a quick overview for now. When I look at these one at a time I will fill in more details.

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American Classic Tires: Getting Rolling

When you hear or read the name “American Classic”, you probably are not thinking about tires. But that’s what we are looking at here.

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A Spectrum Of Lights: A Riding Gravel Round-Up

It’s almost Fall. Of course in So Cal that does not mean much except that the days get shorter and it is not 105 degrees. No leaves will fall as they have all died of drought and have already fallen or they have burned up in some forest fire.

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Grepp Handle Bar Tape: Getting Rolling

The Grepp tape is based on a synthetically produced, plant based fiber called TENCEL­­™ which comes from trees. The wood pulp is made into a base from which the fibers are then woven into threads. This is what faces your hands with the Grepp tape.

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Ergon SR Allroad Core Comp Saddle: Getting Rolling

One of my longest rides this year was done on the SR Allroad Core. It was a 112 mile gravel ride with a little pavement mixed in here and there with towns passed through. The ride was 10.5 hours long and I experienced no saddle discomfort at all…

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Whisky Parts Co. Spano Drop Bar: Getting Rolling

The bars were easy to set up and no more difficult to wrap than a standard handle bar, in my opinion. Once everything was set, I set my hands into the drops and pushed down. Whoa! These bars have some noticeable give.

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