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Shimano GRX Carbon Wheels: At The Finish

They aren’t flashy, but they will get the job done reliably and with a high degree of performance.

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A Spectrum Of Lights: Cutoff Beam Lights From Bontrager & Outbound Lighting

Now here is a thought. Let’s say you have a real need or desire for either one of these lights. But the shortcomings are an issue.

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State 6061 Black Label All Road
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State Bicycle Co. 6061 Black Label All Road: At the Finish

State Bicycle Co. did a good job making the 6061 Black Label All Road look more expensive than it is. I frequently got asked about it when I’d roll up to group rides, and almost universally, folks were shocked when I told them it was a $1,400 bike. I’d have to agree. I frequently caught myself staring into the depths of the woodland green paint.

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Alchemy Bikes Offers Au Range Bikes

So what do you do when you already hand-make top flight bike frames in carbon and Ti and want to go to the next level? You add gold, of course.

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Shimano RX801 and RX8R Shoes: Checkpoint

Maybe MG said it best when he said, “Light, stiff, comfortable… The RX8Rs have all three. I’m digging ’em.”

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PRO Smart Cage System: At The Finish

The PRO Smart Cage System streamlined my bike, made room for items that used to have to be crammed in with tubes and multi-tools, and it made sense to me.

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WTB Vulpine 700 X 40mm Tires: Checkpoint

So, looking at this tire as what WTB has described it as – a gravel racing tire – I have to hand it to WTB at this point.

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A Box Full Of Topeak: At The Finish

After a couple of months of living with this stuff, I have my final verdict on each product ready to go now.

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Shimano RX801 and RX8R Shoes: Getting Rolling

While it may seem, on the surface of it, that the RX801 and RX8R are just “RX8’s” with different colors and one has a cuff”, that would be far too simplistic a take here.

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Sigma ROX 4.0 GPS Cycling Computer: Getting Rolling

The functions I’ve accessed have all worked well so far, but the real value here will be if this device can provide turn-by-turn navigation reliably.

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