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Ravemen Lights: Quick Review Part 2

The PR800 is a great light with features that make it a bit more versatile and useful for the long distance cyclist.

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Fizik Terra Argo X3 Saddle: Long Review

While it’s true everyone has different needs in a saddle, I’ve found the Terra Argo X.3 to be remarkably comfortable and smooth-riding. It also offers a generous fit range, so it can meet the needs of a wide variety of riders’ needs.

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GORE Summer Wear For Gravel: Quick Review

Now I often ride pure roadie wear on my gravel rides if they are long and fast over mixed surfaces…a typical gravel experience for around here. But for less of a ‘pace’ or for stuff like light bikepacking, I would grab the Explore stuff every time

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Wolf Tooth Supple Lite Handle Bar Tape: Quick Review

I liked the overall feel and tacky grip, (when it was dry), of this tape. It does damp out some vibration – not all of them – so you end up with a nicer experience in regard to hand comfort. I liked how the cross-section allowed for the tape to have that soft-ribbed grip which aids in situations that might be a bit rowdier than your typical road surface.

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Masi Brunello: Getting Rolling

…here is the Masi Brunello GRX 22 and it has more shaping in it’s frame than anything made of metal I have ever ridden. And my first impression is that it works. It works well. But that is getting ahead of myself.

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Showers Pass Gravel Shorts: Getting Rolling

Showers Pass, probably best known for rain gear, does have a new pair of shorts out called the “Gravel Shorts”. Of course, this distinction is the ‘buzzword du jour’ these days, but it does differentiate this pair of shorts from the similarly plainly named “Cross Country Shorts” which we reviewed back in 2018.

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Pirelli Cinturato Gravel H Tires: At The Finish

So who is this tire for…..They are the kind of rider that wants a bullet-proof, easy tubeless set up, a tire that doesn’t require baby-sitting in terms of air pressure retention, and a tire that wears well. That is a tough combination to get right, but I believe that Pirelli did get this right with the Cinturato Gravel H tires.

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Panaracer Gravel King SK+ 650B Tires: At The Finish

So, who is this tire best suited for? I believe that the way Panaracer has made this tire and the way that they market it as the “strongest version of the GravelKing SK..”speaks to a cyclist who craves a reliable tire with volume for rougher surfaces and/or heavy loads.

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Bontrager Foray Shoes: Getting Rolling

There seems to be a run on green shoes of late as these are the second set I have seen in green….and I like it. Great color, in my opinion. But is it a great shoe?

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GORE Spring Wear For Gravel: Getting Rolling

GORE has been winning with me of late with clothing that really has been working well. This, after some other items that were real misses, has been a great surprise and has filled out my go-to list of staple clothing quite nicely.

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