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Shimano GRX 12-Speed: Getting Rolling

For the launch of its second-generation GRX groupset, Shimano has focused on evolution, and on giving riders more choices. They didn’t need a revolution, as the existing 11-speed groupset was, and is, excellent in almost every way.

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WTB Silverado v2 Saddle: Getting Rolling

Okay, so looking at this thing, the new Silverado, and then looking at the old Silverado, well, it is almost comical. That silly looking thin, long nose on the old one seems out of place now.

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Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk, Ponderosa Panniers: Getting Rolling

There is something about a long, big seat pack load that really doesn’t benefit handling and makes the bike feel squirrely to me in comparison to a load that is lashed tightly to the bike/racks and cannot sway or move at all.

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Pirelli Gravel RC Tires: At The Finish

I wish that this Gravel RC was just a bit lighter both on the scale and under the keen eye of a caliper set ….

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State Bicycle Co. Cargo Cage & All-Road Disc Brake Calipers – Getting Rolling

I’ll have to reserve more comments on the brakes until I get them bedded in better and when I have had more time on them. But things look promising here.

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Fizik Antares, Vento Argus Saddles & Terra Atlas Shoes – Quick Review

Before we dive in, let me restate the obvious. Saddles are a very individual item, in that one person may love a certain one and the next person hate it.

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Pearl Izumi Clothing: Quick Review

After a lot of rides since the spring and lots of wash cycles, etc, they both are holding up well!

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Pirelli Gravel RC Tires: Getting Rolling

The Gravel RC is a bit of an interesting creature, with very fast looking, minimally low profile center knobs and graduated layers of wider spaced knobs that increase in aggressiveness as you move towards the outside edges.

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Enduro Bearings Components: Getting Rolling

Enduro Innovations, the maker of our “Max Hit” bottom bracket we have on test now, got a hold of me recently and asked if there was any bike that I might have which they could send over a few components for and that I would be willing to put through a long term test.

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Tifosi Rail Sunglasses: At The Finish

Yeah, it is hard not to like the Tifosi stuff for the value, but value wears thin if the product does not hold up and perform well.

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