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Ergon BT OrthoCell Handlebar Pads: Quick Review

In the end, I feel that amongst the options available in handle bar padding, the Ergon BT Orthocell pads are a better solution due to not only being a vibration reduction choice, but in that the pads reduce pressure points.

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Pirelli Cinturato M Tires: Checkpoint

The Cinturato M’s have what Pirelli claims is a “gravel specific” compound for the rubber. Whatever “SpeedGrip” is, it works.

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Redshift Sports Arclight PRO Pedals: Getting Rolling

The versatility of these pedals and the safety feature is what sets these apart for the gravel/back road/bikepacker cyclists out there.

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Shimano S-Phyre Ridescape GR Sunglasses: Getting Rolling

Now how about those ‘magnetic lenses’? Well, they do pop off the frames with a bit of effort, and reattach with a reassuring pop.

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Pirelli Cinturato Gravel M Tires: Getting Rolling

These are good looking tires with big, diagonally placed knobs and a center row which forms a solid ridge, more or less.

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Easton EC90 ALX Carbon Drop Bar: Getting Rolling

Easton took the racer feedback gained throughout the 2022 season and distilled it into what we have here, a gravel racing drop bar.

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Lauf Seigla Race wireless
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Lauf Seigla Race Wireless: Getting Rolling

The evolution of the ‘gravel bike’ has been impressive of late, and one of the companies pushing the envelope is Lauf Cycling. First known for their distinctive leaf-spring short travel suspension forks and Icelandic origin, today Lauf is based in the U.S., and their new Seigla is redefining the capabilities of the gravel race bike.

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Sigma ROX 4.0 GPS Cycling Computer: At The Finish

The Sigma ROX 4.0 has an attractive price and feature set.

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Shimano RX801 and RX8R Shoes: An Update

Since it is well below freezing most days now and since we’ve moved into our Winter attire for the time being, we thought we’d mention that we haven’t forgotten about this review, but we also are not done with the shoes yet.

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The DARE Golden Experience: Getting Rolling

What if you could take the personal touch up a couple of levels? What if you could actually visit the folks making your bike, meet them face to face, sit down over coffee, get a proper fit done, and work it all out?

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