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OMM Elkhorn Rack: Getting Rolling

The Elkhorn Rack is a great addition to a pack system, or a stand-alone, light touring rack.

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Fanttik X8 Apex Battery Powered Air Compressor: At The Finish

I am spoiled, I think, and now a floor pump seems like a hand crank telephone in comparison.

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Gravel Grinder News: OMM Elkhorn Rack

Old Man Mountain (OMM) racks have a stellar reputation as being very tough, durable, and very versatile.

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Ergon BT Gravel Handlebar Tape: Quick Review

Ergon has done a smashing job of providing gravel/allroad riders with a tape that has grip, looks great, (as long as you are in to the earthy color palette), and provides some vibration damping.

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Fanttik X8 Apex Battery Powered Air Compressor: Getting Rolling

Now when I was first approached for reviewing this item I immediately thought of Mrs. Grannygear. She does struggle a bit with some floor pumps

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Craft Cadence Top Tube Bag: Quick Review

The season for gravel events is getting started now, and we’ve got a review of something useful for you from Craft Cadence in their new Top Tube Bag that might make those events a bit more pleasant.

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A Spectrum Of Lights: Outbound Lighting

You would think by this time I would have enough lights in my light box for just about anything, but no. Not quite.

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Polar Breakaway Bottles: Quick Review

While bottles for your bicycle are not one of those things you might think about as being important – They are ‘just water bottles’, after all- These utilitarian devices for cyclists are a detail that could be a key part of a successful run at your next event.

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Gravel Grinder News: Craft Cadence, Showers Pass, Polar Bottle & More

In today’s Gravel Grinder News we’ve got upcoming reviews to talk about on products from Showers Pass, Craft Cadence, and Polar Bottle.

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Scoutset Bag Brace: Quick Review

The Scoutset Bag Brace is a unique, titanium device which stabilizes and carries bags (or maybe even other light loads) well with a simple clamp which takes the place of a steer tube spacer on a threadless steer tube set up. It makes a bicycle with no front rack mount capabilities into a front load carrying bike, or it could be that perfect stabilization device for the bike packer using a large handle bar roll.

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