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Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk, Ponderosa Panniers: At The Finish

The bag is simple, yet well designed and made from quality materials. I have found it to be immensely useful already..

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State Bicycle Co. Cargo Cage & All-Road Disc Brake Calipers: At The Finish

Overall, I was really pleased with these components. Especially with the brake calipers

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Ergon GP1 Evo Grips: Quick Review

Kudos to the Ergon team, and a heartfelt “Thank You!” for keeping the GP1 going and now made better with the Evo edition.

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Bookman Volume Light: Quick Review

I love the “volume knob” concept. Finally, a light I don’t have to tab through a menu button to get to the light setting I want. A simple twist and you are there.

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Gravel Grinder News: Ergon GP1 Evo, Bookman Volume Light

Today we have a couple of new products, the Ergon GP1 Evo and the Bookman Volume Light, that we will be doing Quick Reviews on soon.

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Old Man Mountain Juniper Trunk, Ponderosa Panniers: Getting Rolling

There is something about a long, big seat pack load that really doesn’t benefit handling and makes the bike feel squirrely to me in comparison to a load that is lashed tightly to the bike/racks and cannot sway or move at all.

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State Bicycle Co. Cargo Cage & All-Road Disc Brake Calipers – Getting Rolling

I’ll have to reserve more comments on the brakes until I get them bedded in better and when I have had more time on them. But things look promising here.

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Wahoo Elemnt ROAM GPS Computer: Getting Rolling

The climb data page, (shown above) is also great because it shows you how much you have to go to reach a summit visually, which aided me in gauging my efforts better, especially when I could not see the summit ahead.

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Velo Orange Utility Bar & Utility Rack: Getting Rolling

The Velo Orange Utility Bar and Utility Rack are a unique front bag/cargo solution for bikepacking, gravel riding, commuting, or touring.

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Ergon BT OrthoCell Handlebar Pads: Quick Review

In the end, I feel that amongst the options available in handle bar padding, the Ergon BT Orthocell pads are a better solution due to not only being a vibration reduction choice, but in that the pads reduce pressure points.

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