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Yuri Hauswald joins the podcast to discuss his gritty comeback win at the 10th edition of the Dirty Kanza 200 in Emporia, Kansas on Saturday, May 30. He combined years of successful endurance training and racing, his first cycling coach and months of hard training, and a lot of personal motivation into an exciting win. In this episode he discusses all of the aspects that went into it. Listeners are treated to some great storytelling and gut-wrenching emotion. You’ve likely read stories and interviews about the win, but this episode is your opportunity to hear the full story and get the details well beyond the written interviews.

Guitar Ted and Ben start the episode off with a recap of their recent races. Guitar Ted had a fun and interesting time at the Dirty Kanza and Ben finished 5th at the inaugural 120-mile Badlands Gravel Battle in the North Dakota Badlands.

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