About Riding Gravel


The Beginning

Established in 2013, Riding Gravel was initially created to provide riders with an 100opportunity unlike any other throughout Colorado and to be the gravel community of Colorado but has quickly grown to be a gravel community for all, including everyone outside of Colorado.

In its first year, Riding Gravel presented a two-event “series” of free 50-ish miles rides based out of Pikes Peak Brewing in Monument, Colorado. 140 riders in the two rides enjoyed the fantastic gravel and helped to raise over $1,500 for the Intermountain Salvation Army.

We’re excited to now bring a full Riding Gravel Forum, New, Gravel Events Calendar and a full lineup of ride information.


What is Riding Gravel now?

Riding Gravel is a worldwide community based around the idea that there are more options beyond conventional mountain biking and road cycling. There is a large grey area, filled with commuters, racers, riders, “gentlemen” riding groups, social rides, endurance, bikepacking, touring, and a variety of styles in between.

Become part of the Riding Gravel community by:

Participating in the Riding Gravel Forum
Reading, Commenting, and Using the Review Info
Signing up for a ride
Buy Riding Gravel Gear


Why should you ride gravel?

The Colorado Front Range is packed with great off-road cycling, including hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails. Why not ride all of those trails and ride gravel roads out in the middle of empty space?

Simple. We hope it brings out your adventurous side. Try something different and enjoy the rolling, almost unridden gravel roads and views of the Front Range 14ers – Pikes Peak, Mt. Evans, and Longs Peak. The rides will bring you back to your cycling roots when you wanted to get out with your friends and just ride.


Ride Event Guidelines

While we only organize the courses, we are not responsible for any of the riders, their actions, or anything else they could, and inevitably will, get themselves into. This list is intended to be used as a common set of guidelines so that everyone gets along fairly.

  1. Don’t Be A Dick
  2. Wear a helmet.
  3. You are 100% on your own. There is no support provided – no markings, no sag, no aid stations. Outside, on-course support is strongly discouraged.
  4. You are responsible for you. Bring everything that you’ll need for the ride with you.
  5. Obey all traffic laws. That includes stop signs.
  6. You must register with us to ride in the Front Range Gravel event.
  7. Ride safely, use common sense, and use good judgement. Basically, act like a nice adult.
  8. Do not litter.
  9. Follow the provided ride route. Cue cards and links are provided – it’s up to you to not get lost.
  10. All bikes are welcome.



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