Episode Two – Bobby Wintle of the Land Run 100

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The second episode of the Riding Gravel Radio Ranch is one for the ages! Guitar Ted and Ben are joined by Bobby Wintle, who is the owner of District Bicycles in Stillwater, Oklahoma and the director of the very popular Land Run 100. They start off the episode with a recap of what has been happening behind the scenes of Riding Gravel since the announcement of the merger and then get into a lengthy discussion with Bobby about a full range of topics.

Bobby shares the full story of how he and his wife started District Bicycles and why it’s not named Bike Love. He tells the tales about the risk he, his wife, and young daughter took on when they left Kansas with minimal money and all of their possessions to start a new life in an unfamiliar city. Bobby is clearly a passionate guy who loves to share his enthusiasm for bikes with anyone willing to join him. His start in cycling was in Emporia, Kansas, the hometown of the Dirty Kanza, and he has combined those early experiences with his passion and enthusiasm to create #UNLEARNPAVEMENT. Bobby shares the story behind #UNLEARNPAVEMENT and gives listeners something to consider.

Land Run 100

Guitar Ted and Bobby also share some great insights into the “gravel movement,” including where it’s been, where it’s going, and what the community is all about, as well as insurance and liabilities concerns about free and paid rides and races.

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Bobby enjoys some down time during a recent trip across the Kokopelli Trail.
Bobby enjoys some down time during a recent trip across the Kokopelli Trail.


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4 thoughts on “Episode Two – Bobby Wintle of the Land Run 100

  1. I listened to both episodes and enjoyed them very much. Don’t apologize for the lengthy interview with Bobby, just make another one! I listen at work and love long discussions about cycling. It helps the work day pass quickly and I like learning about gravel riding. I’ve been growing weary of road ridng and being abused by motorists, so the gravel riding sounds like a great alternative. Keep up the good work fellows!

    1. Hey Tommy,
      Thanks for listening. We definitely appreciate the comments and support. Just for you (well….not really…ha) we just got done recording with Jim Cummins of the Dirty Kanza and it was nearly 1 hr 45 minutes…. talk about the race , gravel in general, free vs. paid, and more. So, watch for that soon.
      Happy New Year!

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