“Episode #64 – Waffle, GORE, Touareg, Hunt Wheels & More”


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Andy and Guitar Ted bring you this weeks episode of The Radio Ranch. They offer some thoughts about starting 600 riders at the recent Belgian Waffle Ride and chat about some reviews and products, including the “At the Finish” of the Hutchinson Touareg tires, the Hunt 42 Limitless Gravel Disc Wheelset, KOM Cycling computer mounts, and more. Have a listen!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to us at Ben@RidingGravel.com or GuitarTed@RidingGravel.com.




VeloNews Belgian Waffle Ride – https://www.velonews.com/news/gravel/keegan-swenson-wins-belgian-waffle-ride-without-a-front-brake-rose-grant-takes-womens-race/
GORE winter gear video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVw1jLUQv8s&t=107s
GORE winter gear review – https://www.ridinggravel.com/apparel/winter-clothing-round-up-with-gore-getting-rolling/
Hutchinson Touareg Tires – https://www.ridinggravel.com/components/hutchinson-touareg-tires-at-the-finish/
Hunt 42 Limitless Gravel Disc Wheelset – https://us.huntbikewheels.com/collections/gravel-wheels/products/hunt-42-limitless-gravel-disc-wheelset
KOM Cycling Tire Levers and Sealant Injector – https://www.ridinggravel.com/accessories/kom-cycling-tire-levers-and-sealant-injector-quick-review/
KOM Cycling computers – https://komcycling.com/pages/allproducts
Jon Thornham of FLO Cycling – https://www.ridinggravel.com/podcast/episode-54-jon-thornham-of-flo-cycling/
Other news & reviews – https://www.ridinggravel.com/gravel-news/
Riding Gravel YouTube Page – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa_0ocseQirfhQ1pzunFDyg
Riding Gravel Event Calendar: http://ridinggravel.com/events/
Riding Gravel Forum – http://ridinggravel.com/forum/
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Author: RGBen

I created Ridinggravel.com in the fall of 2013 and happily joined with Guitar Ted in late 2014 to form the current day Riding Gravel. Originally from Wisconsin, my wife, 2 kids, spent several years in Colorado, before spending a couple years in North Dakota. Now we're back in Northern Wisconsin in the middle of an Outdoor Mecca.

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5 thoughts on ““Episode #64 – Waffle, GORE, Touareg, Hunt Wheels & More”

  1. That COVID stuff kept me up at night. Like Sofiane Sehili once said, “It’s not worth dying for this shit.” Even though we had a bunch of stuff we did, I only finally unclenched all the sphincters on Saturday with no calls from contact tracers.

  2. FYI, BWR Cedar City had COVID protocols including:
    1. Masks required at registration/packet pick up by all people
    2. Start line had all riders spaced out by more than 6 feet and masks were required. They had a volunteer check that everyone had a mask on before starting. Also, every 20 or so people they had a 20 foot gap to the next group of 20 people. (we stood next to each other for about 15 minutes before rolling out)
    3. All participants had to wear a mask during the 4 mile neutral rollout (took 17 minutes and most riders kept masks on a little longer because of the dust & cold)
    4. Masks required at finish and awards (only one person on stage at a time and they had a mask on)
    5. Riders were allowed to take support from family/friends to reduce crowding at aid stations
    6. Masks required at aid stations.
    7. Everything was outdoors

    They also had a handful of other protocols including increase in hand sanitizer/wash stations. Almost everyone followed the rules. They also asked high risk people not to attend and offered refunds for specific situations. Also offered refunds if you had a positive COVID test that prevented you from attending. You had to verbally confirm that you didn’t knowingly have COVID the day before the race.

    Everyone can decide if they feel that was the appropriate level of precautions or not.

    1. @Sean – Thank you. This is the sort of information that should have been reported on. Again- we are not implying the Belgium Waffle Ride had no protocols. I was dismayed in the report on the event, mentioned in the podcast, because it had zero coverage of this important information.

        1. @Sean – Gotcha. As an aside, I have been told “Velo News” did cover this stuff in a separate article. So, kind of good, but this should have been at least linked in the race report, or briefly mentioned that they had an article covering this aspect of the event.

          Either way- thank you for doing this. I appreciate the information you posted here.

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