TiRadio 2016

Listen in to all the previous call ins from April 22 & 23, 2016:

80. Scott Redd sounds positive (4/23 at 6:15pm)

79. Andy Goodner is closing down the checkpoint (4/23 at 6:05pm)

78. Jacob Spath is finished….oh, wait…not even close… (4/23 at 5:45pm)

77. Jeremy Kershaw is pressing on (4/23 at 5:41pm)

76. Robert Frye confirms that 65 riders have made it through CP2, including all of the women (4/23 at 5:40pm)

75. Ben Shockey and his group is figuring out where they will take a break (4/23 at 5:36pm)

74. John Blum recommends you try out Trans Iowa (4/23 at 5:25pm)

73. Warren Wiebe says V for victory (4/23 at 5:06pm)

72. Matt Kutilek says WIND WIND WIND (4/23 at 5:04pm)

71. Jim Cummins is eating pizza with his group (4/23 at 5:02pm)

70. Trenton Raygor is through CP2 and fueling up on whiskey (4/23 at 4:44pm)

69. Jason Schuetz is getting a hamburger and feeling good (4/23 at 4:40pm)

68. Todd Watchmaker and gang is in Hudson around mile 163 about to go into the wind (4/23 at 4:35)

67. ? is getting blown over by the wind (4/23 at 4:00pm)

66. Jim Phillips has horrible phone reception but apparently good legs (4/23 at 3:35pm)

65. Will Ritchie headed to “Checkpoint Deuce” (4/23 at 3:30pm)

64. Andy Goodner is still feeling good (4/23 at 3:12pm)

63. John VanDis has recovered and is feeling positive (4/23 at 3:09)

62. Guitar Ted gives an update – IT’S GETTING WINDY! (4/23 at 3:08pm)

61. David Swanson sounds upbeat, is with the women’s leader, and says hi to his kids (4/23 at 3:07pm)

60. Matt Kutilek is hitting a strong wind (4/23 at 2:59pm)

59. Robert Frye reports that the first woman and first singlespeeder have passed CP2 (4/23 at 2:55pm)

58. Crystal from District Bicycles gives a shout out to her kids (4/23 at 2:40pm)

57. Ben Shockey is sounding strong and getting food (4/23 at 2:26pm)

56. Matt Jennings is also in Traer (4/23 at 2:14pm)

55. Bill Graves and gang checks in from Traer (4/23 at 2:09pm)

54. Dan Buettner calling in from Traer (4/23 at 2:06pm)

53. Robert Frye reports that some riders are now through CP2 (4/23 at 2:04pm)

52. Rider 389 getting lunch with everyone else (4/23 at 2:02pm)

51. Jim Cummins is fueling up with a group and also enjoying the day (4/23 at 2:00pm)

50. Todd Watchmaker is with a group and enjoying the day (4/23 at 1:58pm)

49. Dave – Code Word Cinder Block (4/23 at 1:56pm)

48. Dave Peterson is checking in from mile 130 (4/23 at 1:51pm)

47. Jim Phillips has the munchies (4/23 at 1:30pm)

46. Vince Cox doesn’t have much cell service, but he sounds good (4/23 at 1:18pm)

45. Robert Frye letting us know that CP2 is ready and waiting (4/23 at 1:10pm)

44. Jim Phillips likes riding 2 miles off course (4/23 at 12:43pm)

43. Jason Kulma isn’t liking the whisky shot (4/23 at 12:35pm)

42. Guitar Ted gives an update (4/23 at 11:56am)

41. Dan Buettner is sounding strong (4/23 at 10:59am)

40. John Bloom is there, then his phone dies (4/23 at 10:30am)

39. Matthew Kutilek sounds strong (4/23 at 9:52am)

38. Vince Cox tries to call in, but his coverage isn’t good (4/23 at 9:51am)

37. Guitar Ted has the info after CP1 (4/23 at 9:43am)

36. Jim Cummins sounding good (4/23 at 9:15am)

35. Ben Shockey (4/23 at 9:11am)

34. Matt Jennings says hi (4/23 at 9:01am)

33. Trenton Raygor is having a great day so far (4/23 at 8:56am)

32. Dave Peterson at the store (4/23 at 8:55am)

31. Jason Kulma is feeling strong (4/23 at 8:55am)

30. Jim Phillips at the first Casey’s General Store (4/23 at 8:54am)

29. John VanDis is gathering himself (4/23 at 8:50am)

28. Guitar Ted gives a new update (4/23 at 8:31am)

27. David Derfel and Matt Shiner shouting out (4/23 at 8:10am)

26. Jacob Spath is Spathtastic (4/23 at 7:50am)

25. Andy Goodner says hi (4/23 at 7:46am)

24. Dan Buettner is having a good time so far (4/23 at 7:46am)

23. Justin? checking in (4/23 at 7:46am)

22. Jim Phillips, Don Buttram, Collin Little, Andrea Cohen & more (4/23 at 7:36am)

21. Guitar Ted updates on first lead group (4/23 at 7:11am)

20. Jim Phillips sounds good (4/23 at 6:24am)

19. Guitar Ted from the first checkpoint (4/23 at 6:23am)

18. Guitar Ted not long after the start (4/23 at 4:21am)

17. Jim Phillips is at the start line (4/23 at 4:00am)

16. Joe Frost from the start talks about the weather (4/23 at 3:42am)

15. Guitar Ted before the start with audio-bomber Matt (4/23 at 3:30am)

14. Jim Phillips just pumped up his Schwalbes (4/23 at 3:15am)

13. Matthew Kutilek is ready to roll (4/23 at 3:00am)

Thursday/Friday, April 21 & 22

12. Guitar Ted calls after the pre race meeting (4/22 at 10:40pm)

11. Jim Phillips checks in from dinner (4/22 at 7:39pm)

10. Guitar Ted has the Meat Up underway (4/22 at 5:35pm)

9. Dan Buettner checks in on his way to the Meat Up (4/22 at 4:46pm)

8. Trenton Raygor and Charles Bartons check in en route to the Meat Up in Grinnell (4/22 at 4:13pm)

7. Jim Phillips introduces his crew (4/22 at 2:11pm)

6. Guitar Ted checks in with conditions (4/22 at 2:07pm)

5. Guitar Ted is trying out his mini weather station (4/22 at 11:18am)

4. Guitar Ted calls in. Bridge OUT!

3. Vince Cox is finally done traveling and ready to go.

2. Jim Phillips is ready to go:

  1. Guitar Ted checks in for the first time: