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Athlete on Fire Interview: recently released a podcast about the 2014 edition of Rebecca’s Private Idaho. The host, Scott Jones, interviews six riders who finished this year’s event, including the following:

  1. Austin McInerny (Executive Director of National Interscholastic Cycling Association)
  2. Burke Swindlehurst (Founder and Director of the Crusher in the Tushar)
  3. Katie Bolling (Develop Director of World Bicycle Relief)
  4. Ben Welnak (Creator and Owner of Mountain Bike Radio)
  5. Neil Shirley (Editor for Road Bike Action Magazine)
  6. Sarah Barber (2014 Women’s RPI Winner).

Scott then wraps up the podcast by talking with Rebecca Rusch.

Listen to the podcast: [Download]

Description of the podcast: “We hit the road, 13 hours of it from Denver to beautiful Ketchum, Idaho. We make the trip for Rebecca Rusch’s 2nd annual riding of Rebecca’s Private Idaho, a gravel grinder race in the amazing Sun Valley. This show is a compilation of some of the most interesting and unique participants in the weekend’s festivities. The ride was great but learning more about the town, the people, and the causes was what really made it so cool. Rebecca even has a cameo at the end of the show. Enjoy this, the first ever event review on the Athlete On Fire show!

Full Disclosure: Ben and I were comped a room for 2 nights in Ketchum to come and ride. That’s it though. I just had such a good time and met so many interesting people that I thought it would make for a cool episode. As an event director, I think Rebecca and her awesome team will appreciate hearing from some of the participants! Enjoy.”

For more information about Rebecca’s Private Idaho, go to the RPI website.

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About Athlete on Fire:

Athlete on Fire was created because everyone has at one point or other has been inspired by an athlete. Whether it was Michael Jordan hitting a game winner or Dick Hoyt pushing and pulling his son through hundreds of events because he couldn’t run himself, athletic pursuits have pulled the heartstrings and inspired us to take action for thousands of years.

AOF is going to be a daily podcast showcasing athletes of all levels and all walks of life.  We want the show to inspire you to take action and to give you some of the tools you need to be successful in business, sport, and life in general.

Everyone has listened to a pro athlete on their local sports talk.  The conversation is usually about the last game, or the next game, or some kind of scandal or newsworthy topic.  AOF is going to be all about the journey.  We are going to ask our athletes things that will bring value to the listener, the athlete, and even us.

 Discuss and share your questions or thoughts about this event on the Rebecca’s Private Idaho thread on the Riding Gravel Forum.


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