Vermont’s Dirty 40 and Rasputitsa Gravel Road Races


From the Dirty 40 and Rasputitsa Gravel Road Races:

“Dirty 40 Race Productions hosts two events:

On April 19th, Dirty 40 presents the 1st Rasputitsa Spring Classic. Rasputitsa is Russian for the mud season when roads become difficult to traverse.  The 1st Annual Rasputitsa Spring Classic will start at 9 AM EST at Main Street in Newport, VT.  This 47 mile (31 miles of gravel) road race travels some of Vermont’s coldest and barren landscapes.  The Rasputitsa is themed to encompass Cold War history that is part of Northern Vermont.

On August 30th, The 2nd Annual Dirty 40 Fall Classic will start at 9 AM EST at 57 Junior High Drive in Derby, VT.  Hailed Vermont’s Toughest Gravel Road Race,  this 60 mile (40 miles of gravel) road race travels some of Vermont’s most pristine, scenic landscapes. The Dirty 40 is themed to focus on the rural and vintage lifestyle of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.”

Honey Bikes All Roads
Honey Bikes All Roads

[quote]As part of this partnership, Honey Bikes developed the Hammer and Cycle All Roads. The Honey All Roads frame is exactly what its name implies: this bike loves all road conditions: paved, broken road, carriage trails, and even well-worn singletrack. The bike is not only light weight, but its relaxed geometry makes it extra comfortable and easy to handle. The bike features cutting-edge Ultegra Di2 shifting with hydraulic disc brakes. The paint scheme calls forth the red, brown, and blue of the Rasputitsa and Dirty 40 races. Honey’s Hammer and Cycle logo adds a bit of fun to this otherwise dark and brooding scheme designed to reflect the stormy weather of New England springs. Honey Bikes will also be the provider of custom trophies for the event as well as leader jerseys.[/quote]


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