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Salty Lizard 100 Recap

The inaugural Salty Lizard 100 by Salty & Stupid Cycling happened on Saturday, Oct. 3, against all the odds, in the teeth of a global pandemic, and in defiance of a relentless recession in Wendover, UT/West Wendover, NV. But it happened – it happened – and when the dust settled, a new gravel destination emerged, emptied the moon-dust out of its shoes, and passed out in a lawn chair with an unopened Coke in hand.

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Heck of the North
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Ride Report: Heck of the North 2017

<Back to News Home | Editor’s Note: We at Riding Gravel are pleased to present another ride report. This time from our contributor, John Ingham,…

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Ride Report: Fiddlin’ Fifty

Editor’s Note: The Fiddlin’ Fifty, a race we did a “Featured Event” post on not long ago, was run recently in some pretty challenging conditions….

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