Gravel Grinder News: Elastic Interface, Q36.5 Launch Promising New Glove Tech

Gravel Grinder News: Elastic Interface, Q36.5 Launch Promising New Glove Tech – by Guitar Ted

Image showing hands with cycling gloves gripping handlebars
The new Elastic Interface Palm Technology promises a better ride for cyclists.

Cycling company, Elastic Interface, which is the premium brand for top-quality cycling pads used by the best cycling apparel brands, along with cycling apparel company, Q36.5, have announced a new technology for cycling gloves. This new development for gloves is called Elastic Interface Palm Technology and is a three-dimensional, seamless and elastic palm for cycling gloves. Specific models will exist for road, mountain bike, gravel, and cross-over riding.

Detail of the palm of a cycling glove
Elastic Interface Palm Technology promises better blood flow and protection of nerves.

Elastic Interface states that one of the main problems with hands and cycling is the numbness and tingling they have heard about from the professional and elite athletes that they work with. The new Elastic Interface Palm Technology achieves a better level of comfort by way of protecting the hands. Respecting the anatomy of the human hand, Elastic Interface has developed a three dimensional design developed according to anthropometrical parameters. This results in an interface in the glove which provides better blood flow in the hand and relieves pressure on the Ulnar nerves. The end result is more protection from the vibrations transmitted through a handlebar to the hands which are gripping them and a better riding experience for the cyclist.

From the press release:

Alessandro Piccoli, engineer at Elastic Interface®, explains “As we pursued our strategy of improving the contact points between rider and bike to increase comfort and in turn enhance performance, we thought about how we could take our past twenty years of experience in the world of cycling pads and apply it to the hand-bike interface. We adapted our pad technology to the palm of the hand so that cyclists can now also find that level of comfort normally associated with our products in their favourite brands’ gloves.

Elastic Interface Palm Technology is available from Q36.5 and now also Demarchi. It is expected that more elite brands will follow in offering this new technology for cycling gloves. Elastic Interface Palm Technology is 100% Italian made and was developed with help from the University of Padua, Department of Biomedical Sciences.

Gloves using the EIT Palm Technology will be offered in both finger-less and full fingered styles eventually. Riding Gravel hopes to get in a pair for testing in the near future. Stay tuned.

Note: Information and images used in this post were provided by the PowWord Communications on behalf of Elastic Interface Technologies.

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