Rudy Project Cutline Sunglasses: At The Finish

Rudy Project Cutline Sunglasses: At The Finish – by Guitar Ted

In my last update on this review I mentioned I’d be back with my final word on the Rudy Project Cutline Glasses after we had experienced some cooler, wetter weather. Well now that has happened the time has come to wrap up this review of these premium level shades from the Italian brand.

Guitar Ted modeling the Rudy Project Cutline Glasses on a ride
Guitar Ted landed on using the Photochromic lenses in the Cutline for the majority of his riding.

In this period I was looking to see how wet weather affected these glasses, particularly in terms of its claimed anti-fogging feature. Well, the good news is that as long as you are moving, the glasses stay clear. However; there is one nit I have with the Cutline glasses that is a bit annoying when it is doing anything outside resembling rain. The lenses do not shed water well, or at all, really.

In those conditions water beads up on the Cutline lenses and will not run off. In fact, I had to stop on one ride in a heavy mist and knock the Cutline against my legs to break the bead’s hold on the lenses so that I could see again to ride. I suppose a treatment of some sort might help with this issue, but as they were, the Cutline has this tendency to hold on to water droplets.

That said, fogging was never an issue, even in rain and cooler temperatures. Again- as long as I was moving at any speed. Standing still, well then sometimes I would experience fogging, but that isn’t a big deal in my mind.

Guitar Ted modeling the Cutline Glasses
The optical clarity, ease of cleaning, comfortable fit, and venting of the Cutline won Guitar Ted over.

At The Finish: I really ended up enjoying the Cutline glasses with the Photochromic lenses over the mirrored ones. This Photochromic choice allows you to have one lens to use in most conditions. I could ride in the dark into daylight and vice versa. The overcast days and full Sun days were all handled expertly by the Photochromic lens. This was how I ended up using the Cutline glasses the most.

I suppose a full day in intense sunlight might call out for a mirrored lens, but I was less apt to pull that lens out because it was less versatile than the Photochromic lens. Either way you go, the venting is superb and with the options to run the bumpers any way you’d like, this venting feature is also somewhat customizable.

Guitar Ted, with bike, in a rural setting wearing the Cutline Glasses
Wet weather was a challenge for the Cutline, but they never fogged up as long as you were moving.

I also appreciated the optical clarity and full field of vision that the Cutline offers a wearer. There are no frame edges blocking your periphery vision, which is really important for city and road riding. The lenses cover the eye area well, protecting you not only from the Sun’s rays, but from bits of dust, gravel, and insects. I cannot count how many times insects glanced off the Cutline lenses while I was testing them.

Finally, a personal issue I have with several lenses in other brands products is that they are hard to get clean. There are lenses that seem to continuously have this smeared, greasy film on them that is nigh unto impossible to remove. This was never an issue with the Cutline glasses. I was able to clear them off using just the microfiber pouch that the Cutline came in. I have been also advised that the Cutline can be cleaned with a mild dish soap and water should you get them muddy or the like.

Overall, the experience with the Rudy Project Cutline glasses was very positive. Only the misty/rain issue was a problem for me, but in every other way, these are excellent glasses that fit well, are customizable, and perform at a very high level. I highly recommend the Cutline, especially with the Photochromic lenses, which I found to be a joy to use.

For more details on the Rudy Project Cutline Glasses see their web page here:

Note: Rudy Project sent over the Cutline with two lenses to Riding Gravel for test and review at no charge. We are not being paid nor bribed for this review and we strive to always give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.


Author: Guitar Ted

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